Apple iPhone Price in Malaysia Increases

Apple iPhone priceWhen Apple restricted their iPhone purchasing limit many consumers over here in Malaysia didn’t think how this’ll affect the prices. They may have believed; “no need to worry-la, we sure can get stock wan.” Needless to say, the only stock getting whilst avoiding the recent Apple iPhone in Malaysia price increase is if you bought directly from the United States.

Recent news I’ve heard is the supply is scarce and the demand is still at an all time high. Apple iPhone resellers in Malaysia are jacking up their prices because their suppliers are demanding higher prices. A friend told me that Hong Kong now are selling the anySim (or other open-source unlocked) Apple iPhones at RM2500+.

Looking for low-priced Apple iPhones in Malaysia is now even more difficult. Even the local Apple iPhone website I know of is selling at RM2699 now while previously was lower. Mind you, these are not unlocked with iPhoneSimFree (paid iPhone unlocking software) but some open-source method.

The cheapest I’ve seen online now are in the LowYat forum. The lowest is at RM1999 and any lower than that, the seller has a very minimal quantity. I’d also like to add that RM1999 is only for a virgin Apple iPhone. Virgin meaning it’s not unlocked and you’ll receive it sealed.

In order to use the Apple iPhone in Malaysia, you need to unlock the Apple iPhone for Malaysia. If you’re a new Apple iPhone owner then you’re just in time as Maxis announced nationwide coverage for the Apple iPhone. I suppose it was threatened by the many users hopping on to DiGi at one time.

Anyway, so if you have a friend or relative flying back from the US and seriously want an Apple iPhone then you better make a special Christmas request. Otherwise, who knows what price will the Apple iPhone in Malaysia reach.

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51 Replies to “Apple iPhone Price in Malaysia Increases”

  1. baby:
    Yes, in order to use in Malaysia with any telco (Maxis, DiGi or Celcom) you’ll need to unlock it. There are a number of unlocking methods mainly iPhoneSimFree (paid license software) and open-source (free). πŸ™‚

  2. Another factor to consider is the Christmas seasonΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β‚¬Ε“driving up the demand everywhere else. Anyone planning to buy one should wait till after christmas.

  3. That is really true as well. Countless times I’ve heard suppliers holding stock while laying the excuse of “no stock” when in fact they’re just doing it to manipulate the market.

  4. Hi Danny,
    I’m having problem with my iPhone. Now, it always quits applications unexpectedly, this include iPod, SMS and even contacts. It happened after I downloaded applications into my iPhone. What could cause this? And ever since then, my EDGE is always on. How do I switch it off?

    Thanking u in advance.


  5. Hmm, I get this when sometimes browsing Safari and yes, the iPod or while watching movies. However, it doesn’t happen as often. But still it’s weird it does this to me as well.

    As for the EDGE, you could just remove the settings from your General > Network > EDGE. Then because the settings are input it won’t be able to connect.


  6. i just buy a i-phone at dubai……they sell me 3000 Aed!!! but it is unlocked
    film1.1.2 ! this price ok bo??????

  7. 3000AED is approximately RM2640. To some people, it’s still expensive, to others it’s either affordable or cheap. So it’s difficult to claim whether or not it’s good. However, personally I’d say its average.

    3rd party software are installed via the Installer application on the iPhone. It’s a blue icon with the label; Installer.

    As for adding the desktop on your iPhone, I’ve no idea what you meant.

  8. that mean”S original at phone there just a few desktop icon only… can we at more icon or software????

  9. ahso, you can install 3rd party software via the Installer application in your iPhone. Read the icon labels and find Installer. There are tons of applications for you to download and try.

    If you were asking about using custom icons, you may Google “install custom iPhone icons” for the answer. Or easiest, install Themes under Installer.

    I’m not sure about sim booster as I’m using iPhoneSimFree. But if you wouldn’t mind paying a fee, I could pass you my reseller’s contact so you could ask him to unlock and jailbreak 1.1.3 for you. πŸ™‚

  10. Hey ahso,

    You could unlock using software method if you have access to wifi with broadband Internet connection..alternatively you could ask friends who have done it before to assist you. It’s not that complex actually..

    If the fee to unlock is reasonable you may consider it as well..

  11. I just bought iPhone in Miami and it can be use with Hotlink/Celcom directly after unlocking. I was roaming with Maxis during my stay in Miami.
    I am coming back to KL on 1st April. Anbody interested can buy iPhone thru Apple using

    To unlock it you can contact me for a teh tarik and I will be glad to help.

  12. Nata, the website provided is in Spanish or something. Plus, when I used English the search didn’t work. Search for iPhone only kept kicking me back to the hompeage. Not very reliable for usage in my opinion. πŸ™

  13. Danny,
    Skybox is s forwarding company. It gives you an address in the states so you can mail all orders to this address. After your merchandise arrived at the US address, SKYBOX will let you know and ask you how you want it to be shipped to Malaysia.

    You can either shipped it collectively with any other merchandise from other store or just shipped the iPhone in this case.

    This is the step:
    1. Register as SKYBOX user and get the US address
    2. Purchase from and enter the US address
    3. Notify way of shipment to Malaysia to Skybox
    4. Get your product in Malaysia

    FYI, Apple only accept Credit card for purchase of iPhone even at store. This is a way to track iPhone purchase to 5unit/person. 16GB was out of stock last weekend in Miami.

  14. Hi all!
    I like to share with all of you that I always do my shopping in the USA using the services of USAWITHINREACH.COM where they do your shopping in the USA and then they ship it to you at home, worldwide. Reliable and fast. No minim orders required. I recommend their service. I hope that this information has been a value to you.

  15. Thank you for your suggestion, Marian. Buyers will deal with the recommended service at their own risk.

    Aileena, I’ve already emailed you my resellers contact details. πŸ™‚

  16. danny, how much the iphone price nowdays? i saw on lelong its around 1700-2000. btw can u mail me ur contact to get cheap iphone? virgin would be great =D

  17. spikyz, if you’re looking for cheap then you’d be better off buying from other sources. However, I’ll just pass you the contact and you can try your luck. πŸ˜›

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  19. Urm, I don’t think so. Because these units are not official releases in Malaysia, reseller set the price they want to sell. So some may drop but some may stand. πŸ™‚

  20. Right, consumer should dictate the price by staying away from these units…those with extra budget should get something that they need and not something that they want..that should keep the price in check.

    If the price is reasonable enough then by all means..

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  22. Dear Danny,

    I was intrested with Iphone. But where can i get in malaysia?
    I found one in The Mall, but im not sure either its genuine or not. But im not too sure of a.p and etc.

    Meaning, the Iphone in Malaysia is an a.p set?

  23. Dirz:
    Yes, the Apple iPhone is considered an A.P. set because it’s not been officially launched in Malaysia yet.

    One of the options as mentioned by an earlier commenter is you could try the LowYat forums. However, I’m emailing you the contact which gave me my iPhone too. πŸ™‚

  24. Try search at LYP and available model are 8GB and 16GB. Price RM19++ for 8GB and RM2+++ for 16GB w/o any single year of warranty. Selling like hot cake there but try nego the price before making any decision to buy. Many shops offer have stocks but very limited…… I am interested to own one but wait for next 2 months for lower price…hopefully.

  25. Hi,

    I’m a new iphone owner, about a week old. Iphone is awesome and sooo in love with my iphone. Paid RM1900 8GB worth every penny!

    Mine version 1.1.4 with weTool apps included but i still can’t forward sms, pls help! URGENT.


  26. Mazni, didn’t you already ask this on a seperate post?

    Anyway, I replied I’m not having any trouble with weTool.

    1. Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the app?

    2. Have you checked the phone number either begins ‘+60’ or is ‘012 and etc’?

    3. What is the error message which comes up?

  27. Hi,

    I’m going to US in a couple of weeks. How much wud it cost there and how can I unlock it in order to use it in Malaysia. Do I have to pay any extra charges?

  28. Weird. Apple’s website doesn’t state the price of the iPhone 3G. I wonder why.

    But if I recall correctly, it’s USD199 – I think. For the 8GB version.

  29. I can’t confirm it but many are using Pwnage Tool 2.0 at the moment. AFAIK, some have used on iPhone 2.0 and some on the 3G version. And as usual, some have been successful while some hit a wall.

  30. Hi Danny,

    I’m eddy. I’m was trying to get one of the i phone but i can’t get it anywhere in Kl. Ermm i also try to buy it online. But i afraid that the i phone is not genuine. Could you help me? Any help is highly appreciated.

  31. Dear Danny,

    I just bought a iphone from China. Do you give me any contact which can assist me to unlock the phone?
    I open the SIM tray but no SIM card is attached. Is that Ok for me to unlock the iphone?


  32. Hi Danny,just found that the pwnage tool is only applicable for MAC users. And for Windows user,there’s another set of tools to be used…the WinPwn 2.0

    However,have to download itunes 7.7 before proceeding. And also need to have ipsw builder. Do u know where I can download this ipsw builder? Can’t seem to find any to download.


  33. Kamarul, you’ve 2 options. Either purchase the charger again. Or, there’s now a new iPhone 3G charging device my reseller has. It’s called Mophie Juice Pack:

    But if you’re referring to the older model, the other options are only buy the dock plus charger or you can technically use the iPod USB cable and the iPhone.

  34. hy danny

    im now looking for a new hand phone.
    and this iPhone realy atracted me.
    i wonder if it’s easy to deal with it’s maintainens in Malaysia ?
    dosed it worthit to buy ?
    dosed it’s spare-parts avaliable here ?
    waer can i find it ?
    dosed any taxs included ?

  35. hunn:
    I’ll get back to you soon. And merry christmas. πŸ˜€

    It’s because that’s Trinidad and are you even sure you’ll get the device after buying it? πŸ˜‰

  36. Iphone in united kingdom just RM2200.++ for Iphone 3G 16GB

    you guys can contact me to get cheaper and genuine iphone

  37. Well, I’d only like to add I’m not held liable for any cases or fraud or whatsoever legal issues concerning purchases you make with anyone posing as sellers in this comment area. πŸ™‚

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