Should Bloggers have Business Cards?

During the Malaysia Bloggers Buff 2007, I noticed there were many bloggers exchanging their business cards. Besides that you should be interested in knowing more about responsible blogging – forum conducted during the event. Of course, the businesses in the cards were of their full-time job.

However, has it ever occurred to you what if a full-time blogger gave out a business card with just his blog name, blog description, his name and the blog address? This was just a wild idea I was thinking about while I saw many bloggers sharing their business cards.

I personally think it doesn’t mater if you’re a personal or business type of blogger. A business card is a very easy and simple way of marketing yourself. By distributing your blog business cards, other bloggers might say “he/she’s the one giving out business cards”. Other than that, I think by handing a stranger a business card it makes your greeting more formal and professional.

  1. So should bloggers have business cards?
  2. Would you carry a stack of different business cards besides your full-time job?
  3. Do already have a business card with your blog address?
  4. Do you need a blog business card design? (Just so you know I’m a designer. :p)

I think bloggers who take their blogging seriously and blog from a professional point of view should carry business cards specifically for their blog. Reason is if you want to create the awareness and generate the readership, then this is one of the easiest marketing tool you can use.

From the top of my head, I would advice bloggers who write about:

  • Technology
  • Food
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Cars
  • Photography
  • Weddings
  • Fashion
  • ..and the list goes on.

As I said earlier, business cards can help generate traffic to your website or blog. People would visit your website to get more facts about you and what you do. And since it’s a blog, they’ll definetely be able to tell the type of person you may be. After all, a blog is a personal space for anyone to share their passion.

If you’re reading this, might I remind you if you did have a business card for your blog you’ll be the most unique one in the crowd. In Malaysia, besides the controversial issues the ones that stand out are the ones who choose to be different.

Lastly, would you create a business card for you blog? (And do you need help?)

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20 thoughts on “Should Bloggers have Business Cards?”

  1. Yes, I have to agree with you. Business cards or call cards are very important. Breaks the ice faster and easier with the additional reason for small talk.

  2. Funny that you should bring this topic up. I just commissioned a web designer yesterday to come up with my blogger business card. Just my name, phone number, email address and website. Nothing else.

    – MENJ

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  4. Rauff:
    Thanks for stopping by and I never knew you would read my blog.

    A pleasure seeing you here again, old friend. I guess you’re taking your professional blogging career further. 🙂

    And thanks for the pingback too!

  5. Not bad an idea at all actually..but it will be worthwhile if they’re regular blogger events being held..

  6. It may not necessarily be events. Even casual blogger gathering organized by bloggers themselves is a place to spread these business cards.

    Or if you’d like to start new opportunities, pass the ‘extra’ card to a friend or even customer. If that generates interest, tell them about it. 🙂

  7. I would say bloggers SHOULD have an open ID at least ;-). Business card or personal card, should come after.


  8. Hello Yuen Chi,

    I’m rather curious to learn more about open ID, how’d you like to guest blog about it? 🙂

    Or at least give others the general idea of what is open ID.

  9. Danny – why you say so. I read almost everything. Heheh~

    Everyone else – there is a new fad brewing and MenJ and I have this awesome idea. Isn’t that so bro?

  10. Hmm, I wonder what are you guys cooking up this time. But all the best and all of will be seeing it later.

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  12. I am a full time blogger and has business cards printed out sometime back after one company offered to do it for free (I only paid postage). However, I added my home address as well. It’s proven to be quite useful.

  13. That’s great to hear about. At least, it’s to say no matter what profession you may be in business cards still have an important role to play in business itself. 🙂

  14. if i were to give out business cards, it would be the blog that i want people to frequent most. In this instance, it is not my Bak Chee Leng Lui, but the other EDucation one, as that one is more focused.

    before we start marketing something, we have to know what we want to sell, or else people will get put off. The same principle applies to blogging.

    and yes…i do think that business cards are good, because i put the addrss of my education blog in my business card.

  15. Well said, indeed.

    And how has the response been with your blog address on the business card? Has it given you more traffic? More readers? More potential leads?

  16. I’m a bit late in responding, but I just wanted to share a site for bloggers. offers specific blogger business cards . . . complete with a personalized tag cloud! These cards are ideal for promoting your blog, no matter what you write about.

    And even better, you can get 100 blogger cards FREE!! You pay only a small shipping charge.

  17. That is interesting indeed, Meredith.

    I ran through their process and it’s for a blogger who doesn’t want to do much customization to their business card…but to just have a business card.

    Thank you for dropping by and promoting this service to bloggers who just want a business card without the fuss of directing a designer how they’d like it personally. 🙂

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