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Updated November 4, 2008:
Bundle offer from my Apple iPhone 3G reseller in Malaysia:

Buy an Apple iPhone 8GB and get USD200 (RM720) iTunes Credit and this credit can be used to purchase from the US iTunes Store. This’ll let you purchase not only applications but music, movies and even TV shows!

Contact me now to get this bundle offer at only RM3200.

It’s been 365 days since the Apple iPhone landed in Malaysia. As you may already have heard and seen, iPhone 3G is now in Malaysia. However, it’s not officially brought in by Apple and sold at Apple Malaysia resellers. And despite rumours of Maxis bringing the iPhone 3G to Malaysia, it remains a rumour only.

If you’ve waited and waited and waited even longer, stop waiting. The price for the iPhone isn’t dropping in Malaysia unless it’s a second-hand or older generation iPhone in Malaysia – my 4GB iPhone. Back then, average price of an iPhone in Malaysia ranged from RM1800-3500. Now, my reseller has shared the iPhone 3G price in Malaysia is between RM3000-3500. Indeed, it’s more expensive but one of the things he did share with me is it does NOT require TurboSim.

TurboSim is an external sim device iPhones have been using to unlock and get the working in Malaysia. The short history of TurboSim is it was an iPhone unlocking method without messing with the software. Therefore, you’ll find some Apple iPhone 3G resellers in Malaysia offering unlocked iPhones using this method.

What’s the difference between using TurboSim to unlock and purchasing an unlocked iPhone? Well, you’ll have to purchase TurboSim additionally with the iPhone. This means it’s an added cost. Though some Apple iPhone resellers in Malaysia have lumped in the cost for the TurboSim already. I can’t share any further disadvantages because I’ve not used it before.

Anyway, my Apple iPhone reseller in Malaysia has updated me he’s now got limited stock for the iPhone 3G in Malaysia. He’s got them in either black or white. As for the Apple iPhone 3G price, you’ll be looking at:

RM 2900 – 8GB Apple iPhone 3G
RM 3500 – 16GB Apple iPhone 3G

He has also made it clear to me. New iPhone 3G Malaysia owners who purchase these iPhone 3G units from him needn’t worry about support because you can update via iTunes on your own. I believe because it’s an originally unlocked iPhone 3G in Malaysia, you won’t have to worry about it being locked again.

Plus, purchasing the iPhone 3G in Malaysia from him have these additional benefits:

  • No need to use TurboSim
  • No need to cut your simcard (for TurboSim)
  • No risk of damaging your iPhone simcard tray
  • Fully upgradable by yourself through iTunes
  • Unlock will remain forever
  • Full Apple warranty
  • Can purchase Apple Care protection for extended warranty from Apple

And to use the iPhone 3G in Malaysia, all you have to do is:

  1. Put your simcard (ANY SIMCARD) into your iPhone 3G.
  2. Connect to iTunes.
  3. Activate your iPhone 3G!

As I’ve mentioned, he’s only got limited Apple iPhone 3G phones in Malaysia. So if you’d like to own an Apple iPhone 3G in Malaysia now instead of waiting, do let me know. πŸ™‚

P.S: He showed me the Apple iPhone 3G streaming on YouTube was faster than his office WiFi. He’s on the Maxis 3G plan if you’re wondering.

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  1. wing loon:
    Indeed, just like what it was before.

    Well, many now are comparing it against Google Android. And as usual, there’s mixed feelings on the iPhone and the Google Android.

  2. Hmm..with that kind of $ i could get 2 x ipod touch with combined storage of 64GB…i think it’ll be hard to sell at that price..n what about apple honouring the warranty since it is not launched yet?

  3. Well, I think what he meant Apple will still honour the warranty is the iPhone will have to be returned probably to the nearest Apple Store. Worst scenario is it has to be returned to the original Apple Store on the country purchased. πŸ˜›

    Nonetheless, they’ll still have an Apple warranty and the ability to buy even AppleCare now!

  4. they can set $ higher but i don’t think it’s gonna sell simply bcos it is not worth that much…$ should come down bcos everyone knows fuel $ is…

  5. vernon:
    You want one? πŸ˜›

    Indeed, it should be lower. If memory serves me right, the prices started gradually slowing down when the iPhone 3G was announced. After that, you can see prices of the phone dropping to RM1500 in certain forums. πŸ™‚

    But as the Apple culture goes, if you wait (and wait) you’re either not going to find it anymore or have to purchase 2nd hand.

  6. Hey, I’m kinda interested in buying one but my collegues kept reminding me that a Blackberry is better. Any suggestions? Please mail me the info =)

  7. Irene:
    Slowly wait lor. πŸ˜›

    I believe I’ve addressed this in your email already. πŸ™‚

    If anyone is asking the same question, the answer is it depends what you want to do with your mobile. One’s a mobile lifestyle (come cool) phone while the other is an office driven (document editing) phone.

  8. just apple:
    There’s been no more rumors. And there are a large number of Malaysians still insisting on waiting. You won’t be the only one. πŸ™‚

  9. Hallo, I’ve an unlocked iphone 3g from Italy. During my stay here in Malaysia I did the error to update to 2.2. As its was interrupted and I have to to it once more I have to reactivate the iphone again. Unfortunately all internet lines I used in hotels or internet cafes don’t allow the connection to the secured apple activation server. Does anyone know how to do this activation here in Malaysia?

  10. I’m surprised most of the cyber cafes you’ve visited are facing this problem. I’d have assume they’d not have the problem because they don’t block ports like what hotels normally do.

    Anyway, the only advice I can share is look at other cyber cafes or, you might need a friend here to do it from his own computer. πŸ™

  11. Low:
    Email coming your way. Though I’m not sure if you were asking for the non-3G models. Because my reseller has said the older models are very rare to come by now.

    All that’s available now are the 3G models. πŸ™‚

    You got mail. πŸ˜‰

  12. Hi,

    I am in KL, would like to purchase a 16GB unlocked New Iphone 3G,
    Could you email details, how much is your best price, i spoke to a guy and can get it for 3000 but i would like to know if you can go down a bit.

  13. Kirby, sorry mate, that’s the lowest I’ll be able to go.

    These aren’t the cheapest prices and most definitely not the most expensive prices. So, you may need to look harder Shev. πŸ™‚

  14. Browsing youtube on Apple iPhone 3g or Apple Touch is much more faster than other. I believed that Google/Youtube have did something for the devices.

  15. So what you’re saying, these Iphone incl. all apps, 3g etc. are fully functional with any of our local telco? and no need to worry about iphone future updates.
    Could email me the details how can i get my hand at one of those.

  16. May i know if i have jailed break my iphone, can i play with ALL the features in iphone?and can i use it for local network?in other word, i want to know what does jailed break cant do compare with legal unlocked version??

  17. Chong:
    No difference. Both similar. We won’t be able to use the Voicemail because our telcos will need to do some changes for it to work. As for Google maps, if you’ve used the browser version you’ll know it’s not entirely updated.

    But in short, jailbreak or unlocked will have similar functions. Except, you can upgrade without worries on the unlocked version. πŸ˜€

  18. HI, im interested as well, can u email me about all the details?
    including price, where to find the shop, can all the feature and the application b use?? can the 3G use? thanks..

  19. I would like to buy 3G iphone 8Gb or 16 Gb.
    Please let me know where can I get iPhone.
    I am now staying KL-city.

  20. Hi all readers,

    Visit this site *removed by Danny* and they are selling at *removed by Danny*. Go and get your iPhone there and do not be conned by this website

  21. takeju and cwfu:
    You guys got mail. πŸ™‚

    And only recently I was speaking to my friends how normally you can tell if you’re popular when there are people who hate you. You’re a very fine example of that right now. Congrats.

    Plus, how is it am I conning people when I’ve not even sold a unit much less con you into buying a unit from me? In other words, aren’t you only commenting here only because you’re trying your best to ask people to go to you and purchase instead?

    Sometimes I wonder how desperate can iPhone sellers be. Well, good luck to you. πŸ™‚

  22. hi, i’m using the original iphone(not 3G) since march 2008. its a wonderful phone to use it. it is a singapore set. however, for the past 2weeks i am not sure what happened, after connecting with the internet using the latest version of itunes, it is not functioning. only the apple logo is visible on the screen and no other functions. furthermore my computer no more recognising the iphone. im not sure how to unlock it. im using version 1.1.4. is there any shop in .malaysia that can unlock it back. please help. thank you very much

  23. Kavitha, if you visited a shop they might technically charge you for it. However, if you’ve children or relative who’s tech-savvy, you could ask them to follow this guide:

    Otherwise, I could help you do it as well. Though you may want to consider upgrading to firmware 2.2 right now. πŸ™‚

  24. hey. i’ve been waiting so long just to get the iPhone 3G. well, how can i get the iPhone 3G? and is it illegal or something? thanks.

  25. I wouldn’t say illegal but it’s still parallel imported. However, you can still claim warranty as it’s a fully unlocked device and there’s not necessary something to tie the owner to Apple. Besides registering the product online.

  26. I’m keen in purchasing the iphone. Can you you please let me know how I can do this?…..your assistance is much appreciated….cheers

  27. danny,

    i’m about to get iphone 3g from US, i’m ordering from my friend in US.
    if i try to unlock the phone here in Malaysia, the 3g function still can be used or not? currently , i’m using celcom 3g simcard. my friend said for video call, we only can receive/view the video but for the other party can’t see us. is that correct?n how about the other functions, is it compatible with malaysia corverage?


  28. Didi, I’m not very sure about this as I’m not a 3G subscriber hence don’t own the iPhone 3G yet. πŸ˜›

    But from what I know, locked iPhone 3Gs are technically still not unlockable.

  29. hi need iphone in new delhi ,india whaqt would be the rate can we start buying in bulk


    julian john
    zion technologies

  30. hi, im interested to be your reseller in malaysia or i can buy in bulk/ small order. can give me the detail plz. thank you

  31. Hi Danny,

    Can i still get my hands on a Unlocked 3G iPhone from your reseller? Can u e-mail me the details for both 8GB n 16GB iPhones? By the way, are those units NEW? In unopened boxes? Or have they been tampered with?.. because u mentioned that they are originally unlocked here in Malaysia. I’m slow with gadgets n stuff, so forgive me for asking all these questions.. πŸ™‚



  32. Hello,
    My Name is Rafael Fernandes and I’m interested in Original iPhone’s 3G

    In order to establish a future long term business we need some confirmation from you.
    You need to send us a picture with some iphone’s turned on and on the settings screen.
    You must write my name RAFAEL FERNANDES in a paper near them in order to avoid any doubts about the quality of your product.

    We will only buy original iPhones, no 1:1 copys no Chinese copys ONLY ORIGINAL.

    If you still interested please feel free to reply with our requests to [email protected]

    Waiting for your Reply,
    Rafael Fernandes
    Fernandez High Tech

  33. Hey Danny,

    Is it possible to use other software in apple iphone? I’m using HTC right now, and i would like to change to ipod, just that i’m afraid that the software are not compatible for apple. Do enhance me some information on this.

  34. I’m unaware of how HTC applications are developed. Similarly to iPhone apps. But if I’m not mistaken, HTC is using a Windows Mobile based platform. Apple on the other hand uses an application called; Cocoa, to build iPhone apps.

    It may not be possible to use HTC applications on an iPhone or iPod Touch – without converting it.

  35. can i know why i phone 3g so expennsive in malaysia..?the us price is only 199 for 8GB and 299 for 16GB…it is 3 times more expensve….why ,can you tell me..n when iphone 3g will come to malaysia,because,iphone 3g it`s so limited to get it..

  36. huented:
    It all depends where you get it. I never said it was the cheapest around nor was it the most expensive.

    As to why, the best person to ask are the reseller rather than me. πŸ˜› But my guess is because it’s unofficial in Malaysia so they can play around with the price. Guess this should’ve also answered your other question. πŸ˜‰

  37. @bajaber:
    I’ve personally taken the liberty to edit your comment because it was unpractical (and unprofessional) of you to direct your comparison to the article . Nonetheless, I’ve left how others here may contact you in regards to your offering. As they’d be dealing at their own risk.

  38. We wouldlike to purchase some Apple iPhones 3G 8GB and 16 GB, what is the wholesale price for 3 pcs each of both models

  39. If you’re asking if the 16GB iphone 3G costs less than the 8GB, answer is yes. However, it’s difficult finding a first hand 8GB now.

  40. I wonder if the Apple iphone 3gs that just launched can be used in malaysia??? does it require any special program to unlock it???

  41. Well, it’ll depend where Maxis does get their stock from. Or, where the resellers get theirs too. πŸ™‚

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