Social Media Is The Corporate Killer

Last I tried to make sense of social media marketing was in April 2008. Well, now I’ve a much clearer understanding of it. Social media without a doubt it being able to spreak awareness through word-of-mouth marketing or contribution. So yes, blogging is a type of social media. Here’s how Common Craft explains social media.

There’s all the proof you need of the many platforms made. And, it’s still growing as more startups or companies aim to create the ultimate social media platform – I don’t know if there can be one.

Despite the many social media platforms, there are only a handful of popular ones – which you’d most likely recognize their logos. Plus, social media platforms can be divided into several categories.

social media types

Image credit: Fred Cavazza

So, why is it a corporate killer? My experience in short. Visited a cafe with very bad service and wi-fi offering which doesn’t work. Ended up walking away to their neighbour instead. Then, used Twitter and Facebook to express my disgusted disappointment of their professionalism.

Not sooner than 5-minutes, friends started asking where is this place as they were heading out for lunch. So this is to say information travels much faster today. Hence, bad news travels even faster. Imagine, if a person like Kenny Sia didn’t like the iPhone?

Social media can be a powerful tool. Enough influence and it can kill a corporate entity – one day. So, have you implemented social media in your online business strategy? Or, are you worried now?