The Wimax Malaysia Rollout Race Begins

The Wimax Malaysia Rollout Race Begins 1A Malaysian’s characteristic is procrastination. I, myself, admit as being a victim of procrastination too. Being in a procrastinating culture, we like the thrill and adrenaline of completing or delivering goals last minute. Same goes to the Malaysia Wimax rollout now as the authorized license holders are racing to meet the end of August deadline.

At first, there were 4 authorized Malaysia Wimax license holders; Green Packet Bhd, REDtone International Bhd, YTL E-Solutions Bhd and Asiaspace Dotcom Sdn Bhd. Now, we’ve only heard a lot of Packet One (P1) followed by YTL E-Solutions then REDtone. Can the Wimax license holders other than P1 meet the deadline? Can P1 easily scale-up not only to serve a few hundred customers but a few million?
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PC Fair Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival

The Wimax Malaysia Rollout Race Begins 2Double happiness – yes or no? We’re still in the midst of the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival where crazy bargain hunters and shopaholic roam to conquer the malls. Then come August 1-3 the inaugural second leg of the PC Fair in Kuala Lumpur will begin. However, its bargains galore is no more now.

On the other hand, our annual PC Fair here have new reasons for geeks to flood the halls – Chicks. If you Googled up the Malaysia PC Fair, you’ll find throngs of blogs with photographs of not cool gadgets but either cute or pretty or simply, damn hot looking chicks. Read more to find 2 women waiting for you.
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