Open Floor Discussion With PacketOne Staff

Open Floor Discussion With PacketOne Staff 1During my recent visit to GreenPacket’s office for their special tour, a group of us with selected key staff from PacketOne Networks (P1, for short) had an open floor discussion. The discussion was to openly share what we thought of the Internet in Malaysia, its offerings and our expectation from P1.

The moment I heard this, I knew finally here’s a Malaysia ISP who really wants to make a difference. And if you know me well enough, this is a difference I’d support without second thoughts. Simple, because Malaysia has a large pool of talent but they’ve been mistreated, misunderstood and under appreciated. Don’t you want to put a stop to this?
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Malaysia Companies Are Improving Work Environments

Malaysia Companies Are Improving Work Environments 2Being the co-founder of a registered Malaysia website design company; Simpleet, I’ve to do some research on local working environments. But not to worry, because I also know about the awesome-ness of the Google office work environments. Plus, I’m seeing more companies now realizing and adopting the need for an enjoyable work environment for their employees.

One company I’ve been given the chance to experience this, the new GreenPacket headquarters located beside the Federal Highway. A little history of the building is its been there for a number of years rented out to bear large advertisements. I know this because I’ve been residing in PJ all my life and I’ve passed it when I studied high school. So, let me show you how one Malaysia company has changed their work environment.
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