The Meaning of A Food Blogger

Sometime back, I was inspired by an article written about a Singaporean food blogger; ladyironchef, by Blogpress. The part of the interview which inspired me was when he said this: I do accept invitations for an invited food tasting session, but such¬†tastings are non-obligatory; I reserve the right not to blog about it,¬†and the restaurant … Read more

Have You Got A Location Map?

location-mapHow often have you wanted to visit your client’s office but not sure where is it? Or, wanted to eat at a restaurant recommended by friends? Although I reside in Petaling Jaya, I’ve not been through all the roads in Kuala Lumpur and even Petaling Jaya. Plus, I’ve a better visual memory than one of text. So if anyone asks me for directions and mention road names, I’m as lost as them.

Therefore, most of the time I’ll ask, “have you got a location map?”. Most of the replies have been “No” and I can’t understand why. Why is it so difficult to come up with one? You don’t need Adobe Illustrator to design it so your customers can see it better. It’ll look more professional but the goal is to be able to get to the location. Which means, clear landmarks and directions or names of the roads.

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