Keep Playing for Home

Back in primary school, I’ll always remember the night when I was up late on a school night in my parents room. At the time, badminton heroes were Foo Kok Keong and Rashid Sidek. Strong opponents were the likes of Indonesia and Denmark. It was the 1st time I watched Malaysia’s team in the Thomas Cup and couldn’t help feeling anxious during the game. The court battles were neck in neck with loud cries from Malaysians cheering our players to win back points when lost, to not give up. The players fighting spirit inspired and motivated me even to be proud of representing Malaysia.

When P1 first started, its growth reminded me of those times. Not only did they create a disruption in the Internet industry here being a new provider, many Malaysians cheered them on for wanting to make a difference.

Though like any provider, you can never be perfect. I’ve observed the good times and bad times from customers online. It was always a tug-of-war when a brand gained more and more milage. Especially when you go up against the only nation’s Internet provider. However despite negativity, P1 had used the people’s feedback as fuel to improve themselves further and push harder, like Malaysian sports heroes.

Their latest offering now is an unlimited quota ForHome package suited to the heavy users. Be it downloads or video streaming, you need not worry about maximizing usage during this promotion. If you’re a frequent gamer, keep playing with no limits. If you’re an expert downloader, share the news with your friends so they can take advantage of your connection too. And if you’re watching live streams of your sports heroes nowadays, keep playing with no limits.

Wrapping this up, brands which listen to customers and do something about it lifts my spirit to keep playing for home and wins my Malaysia hero vote for being a great company.

P1 celebrates 5th Anniversary with truly unlimited broadband plans

Petaling Jaya, (September 19, 2013) – To celebrate its 5th Anniversary, Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (P1) invites all Malaysians to keep playing without limits by launching a special unlimited quota promotion for two of its award-winning wireless home broadband plans.


The ForHomeTM 99 and 149 offers a speed up to 1Mbps and 2Mbps with unlimited quota for the affordable prices of just RM99 and RM149 respectively for a limited time only.

P1 CEO, CC Puan said, “The campaign theme ‘Keep Playing. With No Limits’ alludes to all the fun that can be had online when consumers do not have to worry about data limit.” At the same time, Puan said it is an open invitation to all Malaysians to keep playing in life – whether online of offline, which is the P1 rule for making life joyful, interesting and fulfilling.

Fun and data-intensive online activities include video and music streaming, playing online games, performing live chats, and the sharing of big files including high resolution photos and images.

The amount of data measured in Kilobyte, Megabyte or Gigabyte determines what and how much you can do online. According to Puan, unlike many unlimited plans in the market, P1 will not have a quota cap; throttle the speed of users upon high usage; restrict users on any applications; or limit the time when the quota can be used. “It is the truly unlimited plan made available because P1 is celebrating our 5th birthday.” he said.

Beside the unlimited home broadband plans, P1 will also triple the usage quota of their best selling on-the-go broadband plan – ToGoTM 69 – during the promotion period. Consumers will enjoy 15GB of data for only RM69, reported to be 3.7x more quota than any other on-the-go broadband offers for the same price.

The unlimited plans however, do not come bundled with voice service while they can add on for a nominal fee. For consumers who prefer a bundled broadband and voice solution, they can still enjoy high quota plans with 300 free call minutes monthly, which they can use to make calls to local fixed and mobile numbers plus popular IDD countries.

All award-winning ForHomeTM plans come with free plug-and-play WiFi-enabled modems. And that means instantaneous connectivity and broadband sharing, without the hassle of wiring and installation. ForHomeTM is also a portable broadband solution which enables users to use it at any location where there is coverage.