Report Into EDMers Forum

Yes, I was the one spamming your shoutboxes with:

“Alright Maggots! Report into the EDMers Forum to give feedback for the new website coming up. Thanks. :)”

I hope that’s enough to make you just go into the EDMers Forum for even 10 minutes and give feedback about the new design we’re going to be using for 2005. I understand and take responsibility that the trend died at one point but to get it to work again, we need to show the juniors later why we’re seniors. So haul ass people!

I’m targeting relaunch by early week of January 2005 if possible. I’ll talk to Phoebe and Viceice to be ambassadors to promote the website in the college. We might need some funky posters later so don’t be surprised when I ask you. 😀 This time we’re going to drag the lecturers into the scene. I’ll have a little chit chat with RMIT lecturers too later. So to make this a bigger success than when we first spammed the forums, I hope everyone would be able to contribute any help later.

What are you waiting for?! If you’re an EDMer, get to the forums and do your bit. Damnit! 😀 Cheers!

Need urgent help pricing yourself?

Well, this is a question many starting designers out there would be wondering. This might not suit the pros already in the field who might have a year’s experience as this is merely basic. Anyway, I was cleaning out my Hotmail inbox and read up some articles I kept from awhile back. This was one of them. Here’s a small list to help you start thinking of selling your services to people:

1. What’s Your Bottom Line? (minimum wage)
2. What’s Your Clients Budget?
3. How Strong Is Your Relationship With The Client?
4. What’s Your Unique Value To Them? (the skill/style they seek in you)
5. What’s The Value of The Client To You? (think you’ll work with them again..)

These are just some of the things I got from, HERE. From my POV back home, stuff you read here might not apply as most companies tend to be stingy. This is because every director wants the best for the lowest. Heck, even if you handle the big guns, I’m not surprised if they’ll think of paying you peanuts for your work. I just think that’s so wrong although they like abusing the phrase, “I can find other people who can do it cheaper and faster.” Well, from what I’ve already learnt back home and here, clients say that just cause they want you to lower the price. I could lower the price but if they expect peanuts for a job then they shouldn’t have looked for you in the first place. Clients look for you because there’s definetely something they’d want from you. 😉

If you sell yourself out just for the sake that you’ll get more clients than I’ll laugh at you when I’m atop the mountain with my consistent clients who know what they’re paying for and getting it the way they want it. I’m not telling you to become a rebellious web designer, however there comes a time of action for the designer or we’ll forever be lurking in the muddy deep. 😀 Cheers.