Why You Can’t Judge a Job Applicant from Facebook?

It’s not the first time I’ve heard stories of employers researching applicants using Facebook. Or the extremists, who fired the employee because he found out the employee is a party-holic after browsing her profile.

I partied with Leprechauns
Am I a part-holic too?

But come on. Can you seriously judge a person this way? Already employers know a resume is a piece of paper the applicant had most likely buttered up. And when you go for an interview, applicants are expected to dress formally because it’s the expectation. So, what’s real?

Just because she’s going to party may not always mean she’s going to come in late and sleep in the office. Just because he’s a great farmer in Facebook doesn’t mean he’s a Facebook gaming addict.

I personally think judging a person by their Facebook profile is too extreme. Heck, if you wanted to do it like that, don’t get anyone to work for you. Or better, buy a factory and manufacture robots to work for you.

Why You Can't Judge a Job Applicant from Facebook? 1

Source: Tim Burton’s 9 The Movie

Right now, I believe Facebook can be used to assess a person. But not judge them. If you continue judging a person from Facebook or any social network, it’s like asking them “God, should I hire this person?”

And by the way, there’s a professional network called LinkedIn which focuses on the skillset and working experience of an individual. You might not see the applicant’s friends but if the applicant was endorsed or recommended by his past employers.

So stop using Facebook to judge an applicant. It’s irrelevant unless you hire them for the real person they are.

Why You Can't Judge a Job Applicant from Facebook? 2
Bleh. Would you hire me?

Imagine if Albert Einstein was on Facebook and this was his profile picture. Would you have hired him?

The Social Media Club Kuala Lumpur (SMCKL) Experience

The Social Media Club (Kuala Lumpur edition) has been going strong ever since it started. It’s a meetup for social media buffs and anyone else who’d like to network and learn more about social media. It’s impacts, growth, lessons and experience from involving social media in their personal life and corporation.

I missed the first 5 meetups and the 6th was one which I definitely wanted to attend. Mainly because the topic of discussion was related to the government and an Internet platform.

The speakers who were present and speaking at SMCKL this time were:

  • Tina Malone (US Embassy)
  • Khairy Jamaluddin (Member of Parliament, UMNO Youth chief)
  • Kam Raslan (Writer & Director)
  • Tony Pua (Member of Parliament)
  • Asohan (The Star, Moderator)

The introductory presentation was delivered by Tina. She discussed about how the US is now moving forward by sharing government data with the public. It definitely would be something Malaysians would show interest. Especially, government spending. Just where is our taxes going this year and right now.

tina malone

Once the presentation was over, the other speakers and moderator was asked to be seated at the stage for an open discussion. The topic up for the night was; government in the age of social media.


Questions were posed from Twitter and to the floor. Anonymity proved  to be a strong platform for questions to roll in. Simply because there were more Twitter questions in comparison to attendees standing up.

There were a number of mixed final thoughts but the ones which I took back:

  • Government doesn’t know social media because a program isn’t available.
  • Malaysia apparently lacks talent in programming pool.
  • Not whole of Malaysia is ready for the social media movement.
  • Social media isn’t reaching and being picked up by more conservative parties or politicians.

I had some questions in my mind during the event, but I deleted them every time I typed it in Twitter. Because I don’t think the questions would be posed to the right people.

If you’re in the industry of Web, then Social Media Club Kuala Lumpur is an event not to be missed. It’ll also be helpful for business owners.

But mind you, it’s not for the “but I don’t want people to post bad feedback/comments online“. That was yesterday.

Today, people talk about you online whether you’re there or not.

P.S.: You can view the event photos at my photoblog; Cameranoob.