Angelceres Redesigned

I was suppose to revamp the design on Unicorn Sweetheart’s blogger but turns out she had gotten a cute doggy template. So with one less project out of my hands, I thought I had only 1 left which is my friend’s photography website but my girl hinted that she too wanted a design for herself. I couldn’t refuse it but I still gladly took it on as I’m leaving for Aussie soon so might as well help her. Besides, I just hope after I do it and made it look nice she’ll blog often. 😛 I finished the design in a day and coding took me 2 days but few hours. Here’s the screenshot of it. Click on the image if you want to see the thing up and running.

Angelceres Redesigned 1

Now all I need to configure is her tagboard coz she wanted the same as Unicorn’s so till the next most, cheers!