Visual Tour: New Facebook Page Redesign

Facebook pages have been rumored to be the new websites of today. But the new Facebook Page upgrade corrects it. Because Facebook’s new page layout has adapted the new personal account layout – 3 columns, no tabs, it feels more like Facebook again. In other words, a social network.

In addition, it’s to curb Facebook users from opening 2 profile accounts – personal and corporate. If you’ve done this, it’s against Facebook Terms of Service.

New Layout for your Facebook Page

facebook page home
Layout similar to personal Facebook profile

The first notable change to your Facebook page is without doubt, the layout. As mentioned earlier, it’s adapted your personal profile layout. Based on Facebook’s email introduction, the objective of the redesign is to have your Facebook page feel and act like how you’d network with your personal profile, but for Pages.

Review Facebook Page Notifications and New Likes

New Facebook Page tour
New Facebook Page tour

If you own or admin a Facebook Page, you can take the new Facebook Page tour to show you around. From the tour, it illustrates to you how your Facebook Page will behave like a Facebook profile than just a promotional tool. For example, step2 hints that you can search for other pages and comment on them, as if your personal profile.

And if you were wondering this, you can’t post on personal profiles as your Facebook Page. In other words, you can’t look for a person and post on their wall as your Page – I’ve tried. 😛

Comment on Your Facebook Page as Yourself – FINALLY!

facebook page post settings
Change your Facebook Page posting preferences

It’s been really challenging to manage a Facebook Page which you can’t reply as yourself. Especially, when you’ve more than 1 admin maintaining your Facebook Page. But now, you can finally comment on friends’ replies as you – no more sign-offs required. 🙂

The Admins are Back

facebook page featured
Feature Admin and New Favorite Pages

At one time, we could actually see who were the admins of a page. I’m not sure why Facebook removed it in the first place, but it’s back, with control. You can feature admins or select pages which you want to appear in your sidebar. Think of it as making your page a Favorite. This setting along with the posting preference above is accessible when you click Edit Page.

Start to Use Facebook as Page

how to use facebook page as a page
Use Facebook as Page

I guess you may have already jumped into Facebook and tried out the new Facebook Page features by now. But here’s something to note, if you haven’t.

Previously, if you wanted to manage your Facebook Pages from your personal profile, you’d click on the Manage Pages link. Facebook has renamed it – sigh. Now it’s called; Use Facebook as Page. And instead of managing, you now switch between accounts – per se.

New Facebook Page Roll-out March 10, 2011

As usual, Facebook has rolled out this new feature to select Facebook Page admins only. Don’t ask me how they shortlist because I too wouldn’t know. Though it would be kind of awesome if they said it’s based on influential analysis. 😛

So, what do you like or dislike about the New Facebook Page?

It Started With The Why

I was attending a BNI workshop one weekend and the speaker reminded every business owner in the room, it all started with why.

Why did you start your business?

Besides to make money.

The difference was those who answered the why before making money would have more passion and drive to the why. For example, Simpleet was created to consult clients on realizing their full website potential. At the same time, openly share our ideas with them on what they can do to make their business succeed. Because every website has their own objective, targeted user, concept and approach.

The solution was the why

eureka illustrationI had a short meeting with Izuddin from KreativThemes today. From our conversation, I realized a lot of the highly potential and future driven youths like himself have the passion but never asked the why.

And simple enough, like the speaker that day, the why is also the answer to the solution you want to provide.

So, what is or was your why?

Come WebampKL on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 to find it!

Well, here’s a small plug for WebcampKL. After our initial committee meeting today, we’ve decided to set the upcoming Alpha episode in January 2011 to be about; entrepreneurship.

Come and be enlightened. You just might find your why. 🙂