The Year 2005

Malaysians are encountering the worst case phenomenon of a natural disaster. On 26th December 2004, a day after Christmas where everyone is jolly and merry turned to tears and bitter sadness. News broke in of Penang being hit by a tidal wave. News by mouth or handphone break out from friends residing there. Malaysia suffers a natural disaster that hasn’t occured to us. As quoted in CNN, its one of the worst quakes to hit in 40 years.

Death numbers are still coming in as massive heights of sea water wipes our shores that were once safe. Today, as the hour strikes 12, we enter a new year. Not really to be happy about but to be mourning and having a moment of silence for all family’s victims. Other than Malaysia, much worst countries enduring this disaster are Indonesia, India and Thailand.

Therefore, friends and foes, I post before you as a neutral ally to join hands and pause at the keyboard a moment. Let us take time and think of ways to contribute back to society other than combining our silent prayers. *pauses*

My resolution or dreams for 2005, to achieve that degree that is equal to a PHD, to make clients understand what is web design about and to handle my life as it comes in this coming year. Let’s welcome this year of 2005 now with open arms and hearts.


p/s: If you can provide any help in Penang, please go over to Drowning people need you.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Happy Birthday.. Happy Happy Birthday.. A Very Happy Happy Birthday.. To You.. *clap clap* Have a good one dad and if you need advise on what digicam, you know who to ask yeah.. *grin* 😉 Lots of love from me.. “Click Photo For Larger Version”

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