The lovely BenQ LED Monitor (EW2440)

The lovely BenQ LED Monitor (EW2440) 2

The current monitor I’m using is a 22″ Viewsonic LCD monitor purchased from my trusty computer shop nearby my place awhile back. Because it’s an LCD monitor, this would be a great opportunity for me to compare against the BenQ LED monitor (EW2440).

Out of the box
Out of the box

Besides the LED panel, you’ll have the base and joint to assemble for the monitor. And connecting the two wasn’t difficult because the screw has a flap which allows you t tighten the joint without having to use a screwdriver.

Back of the LED monitor
Back of the LED monitor

After the base and joint are connected, you may need to use a tool to tighten it to the LED monitor panel. You’ll notice the screw at the near bottom. And naturally, being a new model in the market, HDMI connectivity would be the preferred choice.

And when I lifted the LED panel, it was nice to not carry one which wasn’t too heavy. It made assembling the monitor more pleasant and surprised me, because my LCD monitor is heavier than this!

DVI to HDMI cabke
DVI to HDMI cabke

Unfortunately for me, my Radeon HD4870 graphics card doesn’t have a HDMI port, so I got myself a converter cable. I guess I can still call this a worthwhile investment, if by chance, I would have a use for this in future.

BenQ LED monitor in place

The black borders around the monitor you are seeing is not the frame. It’s because the scaling of the display is a little off. After some Googling, my answer resided in the Catalyst Control Center (CCC) for ATI cards. This was bad news for me because CCC is screwed up on my machine. It doesn’t launch, even after countless re-installs.

How the BenQ LED monitor (EW2440) performed for me?

Not letting this get the better of me, I still could use the monitor and it was obvious the colours was much more vibrant on the BenQ compared to my ol Viewsonic. It did take a little geting used to at first, but once my vision did, using the BenQ for my website designs was good.

Weird fact. When I did launch the game; Team Fortress 2, it occupied the screen from edge to edge. Plus, I didn’t notice any ghosting problems while gaming. This was definitely a good sign.

Ghosting was also not present during my viewing of anime and movies. The colours were crisp and black was black. Some monitors have a challenge with black and very dark grey. The BenQ didn’t have this.

If I were nitpicking, my 1 qualm I had over this monitor was the “buttons” for settings. It utilizes a touch-based button, so while pulling up a menu is fine, I sure wasn’t used to tuning my settings with it. Then again, I may not be just used to this touch-based button thing.

Overall, I would consider this BenQ LED monitor model as an option when shopping for a new monitor. And a quick lookup online for price shows you can get it around MYR 700. I’d say that’s not too bad.

P.S.: I’m back on my Viewsonic and I already miss the BenQ LED monitor because white was really white. Now, my white has a slight yellow. T_T

Review: Updated Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) mobile app

Ever since I learnt and practice user experience nowadays, I too now believe it should be incorporated into almost anything which we use including the GSC mobile app.

Golden Screen Cinemas releases new mobile app user interface

My memory first installing the GSC mobile app was with concerns because at the time, mobile app development was still very new and many were pushing the need for it for monetary gain than its true value.

Original GSC mobile app landing after animation
Original GSC mobile app landing after animation

This was the original GSC mobile app user interface for the landing screen.

GSC mobile app landing screen
New GSC mobile app landing screen

And the screen to the left now is the new GSC mobile app landing screen. The banner below is not hiding the 5 quick icons, instead it has been moved inside the menu (three lines at the top right). When you click on the menu, then it reveals your navigation tabs.

From the landing screen, now I’ve to make an added step to make a movie booking compared to when I had the quick icons.

GSC mobile app cinemas and movie information
GSC mobile app cinemas and movie information

In the Cinemas screen to the left, there’s a new heart icon now which I’ll let you guess what it is as part of a mini user experience test. The other prominent visual I now noticed in this tab is the ticket buying button. I probably never bothered with this last time because the quick icons were good enough for me.

The screen to the right above is what you’ll see when you click on a movie. The presentation here is cleaner and more consistent now, with the addition of viewing the movie trailer – opens in YouTube.

Mark your favourite cinemas
Mark your favorite cinemas

If you guessed the heart icon was linked to your preferred cinema then you are right. 🙂

The updated GSC mobile app does come with some commendable new ideas, like the ability to now mark your favourite cinemas and arrange them later in the My Favorite Cinemas tab. After identifying your favorite cinemas, it’ll help speed up your future movie bookings.

New GSC mobile app movie booking screen
New GSC mobile app movie booking screen

The only option now I found close to how I used to make my movie bookings like the original GSC mobile app is via the FasTicket tab.

While my first thought of this screen was that I could make a booking as smooth as what I used before, I didn’t feel that way though. No t sure it could’ve been due to my mobile performance as well.

Click and pop
Click and pop

What happens now is when you click on the first step, it’ll pop up the list of available dates like the right screen. Then, after you select the date, you will have to wait for the 2nd icon; Select A Cinema, to light up before clicking on it.

My first experience here was that I didn’t know I had to wait for the 2nd option to activate (light up) before I could proceed. I felt a little disappointed and frustrated that every time after I selecten an option, I had to wait for the next.

My opinion here is because I placed my conscious state thinking a FasTicket would be fast (it’s called fast) and seeing how the steps are displayed as a list, I thought making the booking would be really fast. Just click, select, click, select and next.

Something good to note on this screen is you can now pre-purchase a food combo (popcorn and soft drink or bottled water) as you book your tickets. Good stuff!

Select your seats and make the payment
Select your seats and make the payment

Once you get to the seat selection screen, I’d say this was an improvement over the previous version. The top portion reminds you of your chosen booking details and the icons now look more user-friendly with its colouring, and size too I think.

The one small confusion I had with this screen was that the Legend to refer the meaning of the icons was either in the “box with lines” icon or the ” i ” icon.

Naturally, I tapped on the ” i ” icon because it’s commonly used to represent helpful information – it wasn’t the Legend. It was weird having to click on the icon with boxes and lines because when you browse the internet, this icon is normally used to represent an alternative display arrangement of products with description on its side. *shrug*

Just before you get to the payment screen on the right, if you’re using the new mobile app for the first time, you’ll be prompted to complete your personal details. After doing this once, it’ll be pre-filled in future when you go through this step.

One thing I’ve observed from this new interface is that the time limit now is clearly visible and positioned on the payment screen. *thumbs*

Booking history and QR code
Booking history and QR code

Once payment is completed, you’ll find the new booking listed in your History tab.

To GSC or the mobile app team,

If you are reading this, please quickly update your app to arrange the history list from most recent to oldest by default.

It’s now displaying the oldest to most recent. Imagine the required scrolling if my history is rather long. T_T

The one improvement here is instead of having to click on your booking to load the next screen to retrieve the QR code, you can now click on the QR icon on the booking list and it’ll popup the window as per right screen. *thumbs*

This definitely speeds up retrieval of the much needed QR code when entering the cinema.

Updated GSC mobile app in summary

  • Removal of quick icons wasn’t the best move.
  • Love your idea to add favourite cinemas.
  • Current delays using FasTicket is bearable though can be improved – maybe not display the next steps (total off state).
  • Move the Legend into the ” i ” icon or find a better way.
  • Good job making the time more visible and prominent.
  • Rearrange the History list from most recent to oldest very very very soon.
  • Great choice made to open the QR code in a popup than load a different screen.

By the way, my personal belief nowadays is we accomplish more and greater things when collaboration is formed. Maybe you could consider synchronizing the mobile apps booking history with your website because it doesn’t at this moment. 😉

Updated June 22, 2014

I found another bug while deleting my booking history because my past bookings were always above my new bookings.

History remains
History remains

After deleting my previous bookings, I noticed the older bookings which I had deleted still remained in the Delete list.