Using WordPress 2.1

At 1100 hours ago, WordPress recently released it’s awaited major update. Such news as usual spread like wild fire and every blogger on the Earth must have been beating each other to the punch. Some Malaysia bloggers were also talking about what were the affects after their WordPress 2.1 update.

Ever since I converted from being a MovableType user, I’ve never looked back because of 2 lovely things about WordPress. Its installation is a breeze and its upgrading is just one-click away (I’m dead serious!). But WordPress also brought many other joys from the user-friendly interface to the various plugins found online – especially anti-spam plugins.
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No More Project Petaling Street

What would happen to you and your blog if Project Petaling Street cease to exist at the end of this month, in the coming months or at the end of the year? Will you be disappointed that now you can’t reach out to the mass Malaysia market or will you feel frustrated because now you don’t have another local avenue to share your blogging thoughts?

When I first knew about Project Petaling Street (PPS) around 3-5 years ago (yes, I’ve been blogging that long) it was but a humble place for new bloggers to gain exposure and add value if not quality blog entries to PPS. Back then, I remember there weren’t any bloggers turn celebrities but mere writers or teenagers who pen they wanted to share with the blogosphere.
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