40 Screenshot Reasons To Choose WordPress 2.7

wordpress logoWordPress 2.7, codenamed; Coltrane, is finally a worthy upgrade compared to WordPress 2.6. It feels like how Adobe recently rewrote Adobe Flash to include Inverse Kinematics (IK). The entire user experience has been improved thanks to its new information architecture and accepted comments (and suggestions) to further improve WordPress by the community.

I’ve installed WordPress 2.7 (Coltrane) on a prototype blog I’m still working on. Right after the upgrade, the aura omitting from the new user interface is simple and easy. It sounds contradictory but sometimes simple layouts aren’t made easy when it’s content isn’t defined clear enough. But not with WordPress 2.7. And, I’ve 40 screenshots to prove why I’d choose to use Coltrane.
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WordPress 2.9 Features You Definintely Want

Maybe WordPress 2.9 started on the wrong foot with the weird CURLPROTO_FILE bug. But after watching the introductory video of Carmen (WordPress 2.9) I’ve decided to not think about the bug at all.

I never knew the WordPress team had made this new version so much more. Instead of me having to describe it in letters and words for you, watch the video and you’ll want to upgrade to WordPress 2.9.

So, did you find the highlighted features cool? Just say, yes.

Previously, thumbnails in posts could only be achieved by custom fields or integrating scripts like timthumb but now, it’s all with the default WordPress baby! 🙂