Google Adsense Introduces Expandable Advertisements

Not to worry. The expandable advertisements are unlike the irritatable (or, annoying) hover type link text advertisements. Google has always been friendly and it continues to do so. Even with the introduction of expandable advertisements.

google expandable advertisement

So, how only will the ad expand?
Ads will expand only after a user clicks and interacts with the ad. Mouseovers or rollovers won’t trigger the ad, in order to prevent accidental expansions. Plus, Google mentioned an expandable ad won’t expand more than double its width or height. If I understand this, if it’s a large rectangle then it won’t be bigger than 600px in width and 500 in height. Hmm, it’s still pretty big I think.

Also, if the advertiser chooses to run a Cost-per-Click (CPC) campaign with an expandable ad, the publisher (yourself) will only generate revenue if the user clicks the ad and heads to the advetiser’s landing page. So, it’s not a click link, show ad and get revenue.

Who can apply for expandable ads?
Unfortunately, Asia isn’t one of them – yet. Only North America or Europe, with a website in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Sigh. They get all the cool stuff.

WordPress 2.7.1 Fixes 68 bugs

wordpress logoI upgraded to WordPress 2.7 not awfully long ago. Simply because my drafts were behaving weird. Whenever I saved a draft, the Comments and Pings option were turned off. Thus, whenever I had scheduled posts they had comments and pings turned off.

The new WordPress 2.7.1 deemed a maintenance update fixes upto 68 bugs. Some notable list of bugs were:

  • Permalink box below Title shouldn’t shift page
  • Revisions do not respect time zone offset
  • Add new link fails silently
  • New installs: admin has user_level 0
  • Theme preview fails when theme in subdirectory
  • Tag cloud order priority is broken
  • WP reinstaller doesn’t work
  • ‘Draft Saved’ current_time not reflecting timezone setting in the edit area
  • Distinguish between approved / unapproved comments in All Comments list for IE7
  • Active plugins table rows are not highlighted
  • jQuery/Thickbox Issue IE7/8
  • Drafts are published in the past

View the changelog for the full WordPress 2.7.1 changes. Or, head on over to to download now.