How Do I Keep My Blog Private?

This is by far the number one funniest or just odd question to ask. The normal reply you’ll get is, “If you want to keep it private, get a diary.” I mean really, if you’re going to join the blogging foray you’ll at least have to understand that it’s not easy to keep your blog under wraps. And it’s not from prying human eyes but from the eyes of the search engines.

“If I don’t submit my blog website address to search engines then I’m safe from being picked up right?”

Well, that’s a no or just a maybe. Although you haven’t submitted your blog to any of the major search engines, they might still find you if you don’t own your own domain. I say this because search engines will scan from the Top Level Domain (TLD) which is your then dig deeper into the depths of your domain.
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Blog Review: Midnite Lily

A very good morning to the visitors to the blog, I got up rather early this morning so pardon any odd mistakes you might find in the review if any. Yes, that’s an excuse but it’s a good excuse because rather than telling you I’m too tired, I’m telling you honestly why I’m tired. So let’s get down to Miss Lily (not real name – I think) over here.

Lily who’s a writer in person (I don’t think I need to comment on her content :P) has a blog called Midnite Lily that brings back fond memories of when I was using Movable Type. Though her slogan, “delivering over-anal thoughts after midnite” sounds horny or kinky I’m pretty sure she’s enough a believer in her religion to remain holy. Sorry, I just had to say that. *giggles*

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