WordPress 2.5 Fatal Error wp_register_sidebar_widget

Wordpress 2.5 Fatal Error wp_register_sidebar_widget 1This might be a bug for the new WordPress 2.5 or a bug in the themes of WordPress 2.5. So if you’re a Malaysia WordPress theme designer, take special note of this WordPress fatal error. I experienced this error only after activating a new WordPress theme. And it wasn’t right after activation. It was when I wanted to access the Dashboard from the blog.

When I clicked back to the Dashboard, I was greeted by this scary fatal error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_register_sidebar_widget() in /path-to-blog/wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php on line 31

Thankfully, there was already a solution online at the WordPress support. But the solution posted there came from another person; Tom Raftery. His research pointed him to another article relating to how the new K2 theme breaks WordPress 2.5.

And, apparently the cause of this WordPress fatal error:

…is because K2 turns off WordPress widgets in favour of its own widget manager and as 2.5 has started to widgetize the Dashboard, you get this error.

Which is why I would advise all Malaysia WordPress theme designers to take this down. Just in case you’re designing based on K2, or having face this WordPress 2.5 fatal error; call to undefined function wp_register_sidebar_widget().

The Future of Blogging and Blog Design

yongfook thumbnailThough I’m in Penang at the moment, here’s something a friend of mine; Jonathan, stumbled on. It’s a blog by YongFook. The name indeed sounds Chinese, he’s a Eurasion born in United Kingdom and is currently working in Japan. And he’s a web producer.

So what’s all the fuss about this yongfook character? Well, he basically has realized how blogs eventually will evolve in the future. Mind you, I rarely feature a website or blog which drives me to a point of featuring it. And he’s basically paved the future of owning a personal space.
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