New Websites Made Simple Design In The Mill

I know it’s been a long time coming, and mentioned. But when inspiration kicked in, I decided the grab the bull by its horns – before it kicks me in the behind. So here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming redesign.

websites made simple sneak peek

But I’m stumped on a few thoughts, I hope readers of this can share with me.

  1. Do you prefer reading a full entry on the homepage?
  2. Would you follow me on Twitter or others?
  3. What kind of content have had interested you in this blog in the past?
  4. Would you read my reviews of Malaysia only websites or online services?
  5. Has the larger type size made your reading experience more enjoyable?

Thanks a lot for answering the questions, if you did. Otherwise, I look forward to introducing you guys to the newly redesigned Websites Made Simple in 2009. 😀

Will Smith is Coming to Malaysia

New Websites Made Simple Design In The Mill 1No, I am not kidding. Rumors have it Will Smith will be landing in Malaysia next month; July. This information was leaked by a reliable source though not in direct relation to Mr.Smith. However, it’s not been confirmed if Will Smith will physically be here. 😉

What’s cooler than meeting Will Smith? I’d say a superhero, namely; Hancock. If you’ve not heard, Hancock is the superhero character played by Will Smith. Though unlike any superhero normally perfect, the story starts with Hancock being a complete buffoon. He apparently is a homeless who drinks too much and sinks a ship in the attempt of saving a whale. Talk about things which can go wrong for superheroes.
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