Maxis Releases Apple iPhone 3Gs Price in Malaysia

While Maxis hasn’t officially launched the all-new Apple iPhone 3GS in Malaysia yet, they’ve already placed step-by-step pre-order form for the Apple iPhone 3Gs. Plus, they’ve also updated the website with latest prices of the upcoming Apple iPhone 3GS in Malaysia.


You can click on the image for a larger version. And when you do, you’ll notice the real retail price (RRP) for the Apple iPhone 3GS which is going to be set by Maxis.

Maxis Apple iPhone 3GS prices:

  • Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB: RM2490
  • Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB: RM2990

As far as I know, the Apple iPhone 3GS availability is very quiet in Malaysia. Even my reseller hasn’t informed me of the arrival for his stock.

In the Low Yat forums, there are some who’ve started bulk orders but the price quoted is from RM3099. The one selling at the mentioned price is bringing in units from Hong Kong.

It’s not hard to realize that’s an exorbitant fee to pay. But like fashion, being seen with it is a statement.

However, I’m very glad to see Maxis finally make a decision to position the Apple iPhone 3Gs in Malaysia at an affordable expected price. Just that, I’d like to see how they handle the upgrades of current Apple iPhone 3G owners in Malaysia.

What do you guys think?

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iPhone 3GS Launches in Singapore in July

News on the brand spanking awesome incoming new iPhone3GS is being widespread right now – especially in Singapore. Because apparently, official Singapore iPhone telco distributor; Singtel, will be launching the iPhone 3Gs on July 10th, 2009.


Source: Lester Chan (this guy also plays, Team Fortress 2 😉 sw33t!)

That’s right iPhone users, Singapore is getting the iPhone 3GS before us. And I too would say it, damnit! If you haven’t heard of the iPhone 3GS or seen it’s introductory video, have a peek.

I don’t know about you but the first thing I’m going to get dirty with the iPhone 3GS is it’s camera. Tap here, it focuses and tap there, it focuses. Cool-ness!