Web web web

It’s a webby webby Sunday and tomorrow is a Monday with still another assignment to rush for Wednesday. This is what too much work can do to you. That is why what you need to do is throw the work aside, surf the Internet aimlessly and hope to find some radical stuff. On my journey of seeking Francis Bacon’s, “Knowledge is power.”, I discovered other websites like 100 Trillian Haiku. Pretty nifty stuff. Haiku is actually a japanese poem with only 3 lines, it says HERE. It sounds more like a riddle to me than any poem. You try making out what’s this suppose to mean. 0.o

blindly harried sad
leprechaun exalting stare
burglar prying leech

Lemme know if you do make it out. Leave what you think in my shoutbox. 😛 So after trotting along and tripping over Haiku, I was at THIS website. It contained the quotes of Francis Bacon. He’s a literature type person and some of his quotes are really interesting. Take this for example: (I like…)

“Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.”

Don’t you think so too? LoL! Well, not ending the sad journey there just to take my mind off work, I stumbled a website that’ll be help for anyone who still hasn’t gotten an idea for their Motion Graphics assignment. Though most of the works there are Flash but the concept works and besides, after a few examples if the thing doesn’t hit you in the head, I’ll happily mallet you. 😀 Check out the Flash typography motion graphics HERE. Once you reach there, click on Words. Alright, back to cracking my mind and over exhilarate my creative mind that it’ll stress me out.