New Blog Redesign Coming 2008

If I think back really hard, the last time this blog was redesigned was back in 2003-2004. Back then, I was still using the MovableType blog publishing system and only heard about the simplicity WordPress was offering in competition.

Then not long after, MovableType soon became more commercially focused and that is the opportunity which gave the overwhelming success WordPress needed. But now I’m not here to give a history lesson, it has just been so long since I redesgined my blog. The teaser is inside this entry. 🙂
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Farewell, Year 2006 – Hello, Year 2007

Happy New Year to everyone from us over here.

As usual the year had passed us quickly. The hours in the day seemed slow but each minute still made it through the day. Anyway, let’s not look back so much of what might have happened but what could happen in this year, 2007.

And there’s going to be something happening in 2007, on this website as well. An announcement of joint venture, maybe an update or even a change to this blog, new insight of the website industry in Malaysia and many more. So come back soon and hopefully it’ll all be revealed at the end of this month. 🙂
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