Fixing My Own Dumb Mistake

I was trying to help out a friend who wanted to integrate bbPress into his blog. However, I ended up integrating my prototype with this blog’s database. So it’s screwed up my database tables. I’m in a panic state now and trying to get things back to normal.

Sorry about all this. 🙁

The causes of panic so far:

  • Login always told me; You do not have permission to access this page.
  • Resetting my account after managing to login as admin, got all my posts hiding inside the database.
  • Manually backing up via phpmyadmin and restore the blog as it was originally.

Beware of the Fake Trojan Detected Email

Minutes ago I received a fishy email from a so called Trojan detection robot. What is odd is I have never implemented let alone subscribed to such a service. Therefore I prompted to do some investigation on this spoof trojan detected email.

The email sounded rather authentic and unknowing email users may easily fall prey to this. Worst part of all is this email requests you to download an executable file. A file like this will automatically install in your computer without prior notice if activated. The email content sounded really convincing but I discovered something amiss.
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