Why Churches Are Hiring Modern Website Designers?

notre dame catherdralI was reading The Role of Design in Modern Church Marketing at Sitepoint articles and really liked the perspective thoughts in it. Modern website designs may not be touching base in Malaysia yet but I’ve definitely come across churches who engage Malaysia website design companies to either build a website or online community.

In the US, it’s become such a trend you can even hire a website agency specialized in developing church website solutions. *shock* Plus, most (or all) these websites are web standards compliant while looking great and interesting. But why or how hiring modern website designers beneficial to the church website?

Addressing about grunge Christianity:

Nathan Smith (GodBit.com) counters, “we are naive if we try to take an isolationist approach. God wants a direct relationship with each person, so we—as facilitators of that calling—have to meet people through what they know, and if that is pop culture, then so be it.”

And in the article, lay the business pitch line: 🙂

Seeing grungy design elements on a church web site might surprise a non-churchgoer, but churches are just as susceptible to trends as businesses are to changing markets.

It’s a really great article talking about how website designers had to work really closely with the churches to help them find their own identity. Every church may have name of its own. They may be preaching to the same God and singing to near similar hymns, but what is the identity they want to project to online visitors later – especially non-churchgoers.

So why do churches need modern website designers to help them?

…realistically, churches do “sell a lifestyle,” as several designers put it, and using design and media to convey that lifestyle has become vital to the success of a church, whether that be financial or otherwise.

Who said churches had to be dull? Who says their church brings the greatest experience? Who still thinks church songs makes you fall asleep like Mr.Bean? Well, visit more US church websites online and have a listen to Christian rock music today.

6 Replies to “Why Churches Are Hiring Modern Website Designers?”

  1. yeah. wah. imagine a spruced up website on masjids! hahaha

    i think the church understands that they have to communicate well to the community. Its cheaper with the web. Can you imagine how much paper and printing cost they can save with an effective website?

    Can even charge for SMS updates and all.

  2. @Leona:
    LOL! Well, I’m surprised with the amount of freelancers and new web companies emerging endlessly, the younguns never approached the church. Should tell all my Christian friends to intro to me. 😛

    Hahahaha! I somewhat don’t think masjids would work for this category. Unless each masjid has their own teachings which in Malaysia I believe they are like banning. 😛

    But a very good point made on the paper. Save our trees already! Kill the Earth with more wavelengths and thrown out electronics. LOL!

  3. Yes churches need modern designer!

    I suppose they are selling a “message”, a salvation message, living out of which should change our lifestyle for good on earth. They have a purpose for their existence, not so much to serve the Christians, but actually to sell the message to the non-Christians.

    So if we as web developers understand the message, or better still, accept and live out the message ourselves, I guess we will be in better position to strategize and design for their web sites.

    Just my two cents. Glad that you shared. God bless 🙂

  4. Well, knowing more about the industry or topic of the website is beneficial to the client but I’d say it’ll also depend on the work delivered by the provider too. 🙂

    But muchos gracias for the 2 cents, Ricky. So you targeting the churches now? LOL!

  5. Hi Danny, I’m not a web designer. But I have churches and Christian organizations using my hosting services.

    Just sharing some insight on what churches think. Have you approached or sold to any church before? Maybe you can share your experience.

    And I have no doubt your work is one of the best around 🙂

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