RM2998 to Own Apple iPhone in Malaysia

Apple iPhone priceA fellow commenter (Global) has recently shared with me there’s a company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia reselling the unlock versions of the Apple iPhone. They are sourcing the Apple iPhone units direct from the USA and utilizing the iphonesimfree software (IPFS) to unlock the devices before shipping them to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Middle East, and Europe.

Woohoo! Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, to be one of the minority of Apple iPhone users in Malaysia you will need to burn RM2998 or RM3680 for the device. Global has also informed he did place an order and hasn’t found a problem using Maxis, DiGi or Celcom. However, there are a few things you will want to know.

Personally, I don’t belong in the upper-class nor the middle-class lifestyle. My parents most likely are there but for myself, I am working my way into the middle-class. Therefore, burning RM2998 for a 4GB Apple iPhone just to be one of the few in Malaysia is not for me at the moment. However, if I do reward myself a bonus by the end of the year I will be one of the few with an Apple iPhone in Malaysia.

The breakdown cost based on the information I have and read is:

  • USD399 Apple iPhone
  • USD25 US Postal Shipping and Handling (no tracking)…or
  • USD125 FedEx courier (2 days delivery)
  • 10% Import duty

Total cost there is: USD576.4 (RM2011.05)

Then now add the cost of iphonesimfree (which is not found on their website); current total minus the selling price of the Apple iPhone for Malaysia (RM2998 – RM2011) equals to RM987.

When I mentioned there are few things you need to know, one of it was the cost and the other is that this unlock software isn’t foolproof to activate every single function in the Apple iPhone.

…all features currently available on locked phones are available on unlocked phones (Youtube may require some specific activation).

Source: iphonesimfree.com

With the recent iphonesimefree 1.5 release version, it allows the Apple iPhone to work on numerous networks but it isn’t a guarantee all applications will work or if Apple releases a new firmware, the Apple iPhone may be locked again. But of course, there’s nothing to fear as long the team at IPFS are around.

If you’ve been literally dying to get your hands on the Apple iPhone to be used in Malaysia, irregardless of any consequences and have the RM2998-RM3680 to burn then by all means place your pre-order at iPhones Unblocked.

Apple iPhone Question of the day:
Will you pay RM2998 or RM3680 for this Apple iPhone to work in Malaysia?

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98 Replies to “RM2998 to Own Apple iPhone in Malaysia”

  1. nope. i’m quite stingy when it comes to technological stuff like this. even my handphone is damn old now but i don’t think i will change it anytime soon. same goes to my lappy! πŸ˜‰


  2. Even with what I’m earning now, I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for something like that. For what it’s worth, there are better phones out there than that.

  3. ammu:
    A phone is a phone to you right? Can make calls enough already. No need extras. πŸ˜›

    Agreed. Which is why they are trying to ride the wave. But how much do you think a device like this should be priced?

  4. That is farking expensive πŸ˜›

    I might just stick with my N80 and get an iPod Touch instead. Or, I might just go off and get a Sony Ericsson P1i πŸ˜›

  5. I’d get myself a laptop with that kinda money!

    There are a lot of better feature phones out there (less the “touching” feature) with a significantly lower price. What’s so cool about the iPhone anyways?

  6. Alright, make that 4.

    Personally, minus the ‘touch’ and ‘accelerometer’. It’s other selling factors would be it’s thin and light. Normally, PDA-phones are thick because of the hidden slide-out keypad but this one is built into the system as an interface.

    Then there’s the zoom when Internet browsing but it won’t work without the ‘touch’ feature. Plus, I’m not sure how common PDA-phones handle this.

    Oh, the GPS like Google-Map thing is a great tool of the Apple iPhone. But other than that, the Apple iPhone is a souped up iPod Touch. πŸ˜›

  7. Screw the IPhone! It’s not going to be useful without 3G+ and expandable memory support. πŸ™‚

    You could get 2 HSDPA phone with that price if I’m not mistaken.

    heck better yet, get a smartphone and a laptop! It’s generally more useful.

  8. Hehehe..I was actually thinking you were going to buy it, goldie. πŸ˜›

    How you get a smartphone and a laptop withn RM2998 I don’t know. But for RM3680, most definetely. RM1999 for a laptop and the remainder for a smartphone.

    I wonder if the folks at ‘iphones unlocked’ are reading these. πŸ˜›

  9. We are reading πŸ™‚ Our response to the feedback will come in the final pricing. As we stated earlier, it will come down significantly from those levels you quote in this article.

  10. Next week!

    We’ll let you play with one for a couple of days. You must agree to post your “daily” experience with the iPhone on this blog. We dont mind if +ve/-ve just give everyone a day by day account of your experience.

    So guys watch this space for Danny’s review.

    p/s I hope he has a non Maxis number :-).

  11. Oh…my…God…Buddha…Allah…Jesus…and other Heavenly beings!

    You’re not kidding in loaning me a unit now, are you?

    I’d be more than willing to post daily positives or negatives of using this device. Heck, even if I don’t own a DiGi number (which I don’t) I’m willing to put a small investment into DiGi to use this device for awhile. πŸ˜›

    A good suggestion is to loan me from Friday – Sunday. Reason is because I’ll normally be out during those days. And if you want me to create a hoo-ha in the business industry, I could show it to a very convincing group of professionals on Tuesday. *grin*

    But hell yeah, I’d sign up a DiGi number for 7-30 days just to use the device for awhile. πŸ˜€

    You hear me, DIGI!

  12. well…frens , i hope the price will be less than RM2100 cause if they put too much also no point cause there a lot of other smartphone available in malaysia……

  13. Well, I have estimated it to be about RM2000-2500 if it did reach Malaysia. However, many in Malaysia being used to purchasing parallel imported sets (no different to this) would definetely feel the phone should be made cheaper.

    Well, Raj, only time will tell when the guys at iPhone Unlocked reveal yet again their new pricing…and my spanking review unit. *drool*

  14. Have sent the necessary details to you guys. I even used my Gmail account as I worry the other normally would end up in the junk mail. Another unavoidable annoyance in the email industry. πŸ˜›

  15. By the way, the USD399(RM1396.50) iPhone you were talking about its 8GB.. which is double the size of the RM2998(USD856.57) 4GB iPhone.. (sweat).. You’re paying double to get half of what you should get..

    One alternative, call your friend from the US to bring it back to you πŸ˜› now thats a slick deal.

  16. Price discussion wise, it’s been debated over and over again at the Low Yat forum. Until sellers have no choice but to sell them at only RM1800-RM2000. The explanation is when you bring in the phone (mostly via courier) it may get stopped by customs.

    From my observation, you’re paying more because:
    1. It is new.
    2. I don’t have friends in the USA.
    3. I will not trust sellers who demand a full payment upfront. (yet)
    4. Will your friend be able to provide a warranty like the AP distributors?
    5. It is how badly you want the phone.

    But yes, if you have a friend who can do the above then it is a slick deal. Heck, if I knew how to do it and moved from the US and back then I’d be selling them directly too. πŸ˜›

  17. if i were to buy meself an iphone, i’d buy direct from the states, i’d get it for the price of that 2k , then unlock it using an asian reseller of d ipfs.. priced at around rm300.. so thats 2300 altogether… better than paying 2900. πŸ˜‰

    looks like theres a high chance i’m getting one!


  18. oh, and since a relative is currently in san francisco, I may try to ask him if he could get his hands on one iphone and bring it back here.. and hopefully he’ll not get stopped by d customs..


    anyone else want to dapau?(bungkus sekali?)

  19. dilio:
    Well, that is most definetely one of the ways to buy an iPhone. I highly doubt they’ll stop your relative if he only has 1 unit. But if he has 5 in his suitcase then I will not be surprised.

    The current price of iPhones Unlocked is RM2800 per unit. But in this case, it’s price over support. I’ve been hearing many getting their iPhones cheaper but they didn’t dare take up the challenge of upgrading to a version 1.1.1. πŸ˜›

    The review unit from iPhones Unlocked I have at the moment can be upgraded but I need to find the time to do it.

  20. Mike:
    Parallel imported goods have warranties – direct with the seller. Like buying AP phones, the warranty of the iPhone is with this seller. However, iPhones Unlocked are offering an exclusive support and warranty at a premium fee.

    So yes, you can have your warranty. If your phone konks out without your hand in it, I’m very sure any dealer would understand and fix it – or best, replace it. However, if the investigation proves that you may have done something wrong then they’ll do their best to help you until it may be qualified no longer usable.

    Does that answer your question? πŸ™‚

  21. edited by danny:
    I’m very sure many of my readers appreciate your promotion here.

    However, if you’d like to promote your iPhone deal I’ve an advertising space on the right sidebar for you to reserve.

    Please contact me regarding the duration and payment details. Thank you.

  22. Danny

    The moment you jailbreak and unlock the iPhone, you automatically break the Apple warranty

    The only option owners have is to un-jailbreak it (return it to native state) and then send it in to repair. Depending on your unlock method, it may or may not be detectable.

    The iPhoneSImFree method doesnt update the radio baseband and so it is less detectable.

    Warranty from the parallel importers is basically an insurance thing. If enough people pay the premium for it, it covers their cost of replacing a phone or part (based on the probability of phones dying).


  23. True enough. And it’s within the official warranty duration whether or not you will need to replace any part. Though I wonder if a critical component dies on you will they say we will replace the phone or you will need to buy a new phone.

  24. I seriously don’t think requiring a credit card and 2 iphones per people will affect the importing. πŸ˜›

    The demand is too good that the reseller may have a couple of friends there. LOL!

  25. It will definitely slow it down.

    A person may have multiple credit cards but they all have the same billing address. Apple has a central database that store the customer data.

    It will know how many iPhones you have bought.
    And so, if you are importing 50 phones, you will need 25 friends to buy it for you.
    Definitely will slow you down. Wont eliminate it, but it will make it more difficult.

    And as a result, it will drive the black market price up in Msia.


  26. “Drive the black market price up in Malaysia.”

    Hmm, maybe I should ask a friend of mine to ship or bring 2 units back. Who knows, someone might just pay me RM2888 for one. LOL! πŸ™‚

  27. Hi Danny,

    Very interesting topic you have here. I was briefly informed earlier today that the local pricing for unlocked 8GB Apple iPhone has been revised to RM2299.

    Just some heads-up, that’s all. Cheers!

    – Rne

  28. Hey Rne,

    It does seem the prices have been dropping quickly when it first caught wind. But I guess that is due to the increase in resellers. Although many buyers are not informed on the difference of buying unlocked units using the open source or iphonesimfree method.

    If a person had the time in the world to get a unit from the US, get an iphonesimfree license and unlock it on his own then you can be sure his/her price of the iphone is minimal.

    However, for the average buyer who just wants to purchase off the shelf – he’s got to do his own studying on the reseller and the methods used to unlock the iphone. Otherwise, it’s going to be problematic upgrading from version to version. πŸ™‚

  29. Hi Danny,

    I just get my iphone from Hong Kong, it cost me HKD 4300 (~RM 1,890) for 8G( 4G no more selling cos too cheap, cant earn), after creak(unlocked), free 15 ring tone( latest cantonese song from eason, wai lan etc..) , and 64 games. Before creak cost HKD 3800( ~RM1672) and 2nd hand cost HKD 3400(~RM 1,496)…. all 8G. This is cheaper then P1i and Nokia N8x… I Love iphone so much except Maxis …..

  30. Isaac:
    Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the club! πŸ™‚

    The ringtones and games is really nothing. You can actually do it yourself if you wanted to. With the right software either for the Mac or PC. I prefer using a Ma software to do whatever to my Apple iPhone as it’s more stable.

    The phone looks alright but in terms of looks, LG still can’t compete. πŸ˜› However, it’s filling the gaps like 3G and etc Apple left out. I’m not sure if it’s just me but the screen looks smaller.

  31. I got a unit from the US manage to jailbreak it. I have used a free software to unlock the sim, but having problems with maxis lines. does the iphonesimfree license able to help?

  32. Danny

    The LG has Push email, video calling, 3G, PAN (WM6 version of DUN)…
    It is smaller and has some features that iPhone doesnt, Mostly I need it for the BT PAN where I can use it as a modem for my laptop to connect to the internet when wifi is not available…

    I will probably use both this and the iPhone…


  33. choon:
    sadly, iphonesimfree (IPSF) doesn’t help solve the Maxis issue. it’s just a Maxis thing. πŸ™

    push email..never heard of it. πŸ˜›

    PAN…never heard of it as well. πŸ˜›

    I’m but a basic slightly enhanced mobile phone user. So I’m not really into all the latest mobile technology and stuff. Apologies there. The thing you might want to note on the iPhone is on Javascript heavy sites, it’ll slow down quite a notch.

  34. Danny,

    REALLY ….. πŸ™‚ i mean the ringtones, i use to custom made my ringtones, but after using iphone, i have to depend on other, the way to install new ringtones … too complicated for me. Everything about hack and program…. Can you intro some software to me. I m using PC. What is Ma software?
    HahaΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‚Β¦. I was thinking to buy either LG Prada or iPhone when i was in HK ΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‚Β¦ but when u touch that iPhone ΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‚Β¦.. oh manΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‚Β¦. LG totally out of my mindΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‚Β¦. No fight !!!

  35. I’m not too sure on the PC platform for the iPhone, Isaac. The only Apple applications I have on my PC is iTunes and Quicktime. Because both are required. πŸ˜›

    Timothy (from one of my back posts) is hunting around for a free solution as well. Not sure how successful he’s been yet.

  36. On the previous version, we had the cool little trick of renaming the .m4a to .m4r and it would make it a ringtone. This doesn’t work anymore. However, someone figured out how to get ringtones on iTunes so you can sync through it, in other words, no need for any 3rd party app. Here’s the URL:

    How to use it (on PC, though MAC is prob the same):
    1- Download AtomicParsley (linked in the URL)
    2- Extract the zip to an easy to locate folder (C:/Atomic is what I’ll use for this example)

    3- Copy any .m4a file you’d like to use as a ringtone (if you have .mp3 convert it to AAC using iTunes) into the folder.

    4- Open up Command Prompt, change directory to the atomic folder “cd C:Atomic”
    Your command prompt should now say: C:Atomic>

    5- Now just type the command shown in the URL: “AtomicParsley mmbop.m4a –stik value=14”
    where mmbop.m4a is the name of your ringtone file. Voila! You now have a name-temp-randomnumber file on the same folder, that’s your ringtone file. Open it up in iTunes and it’ll show up in your Ringtones tab. You can now edit the name there and it’ll show up in your sync tab and most importantly, on your phone

    So there you go, you can now make any song your ringtone with this simple edit and avoid any 3rd party app to manage your ringtones

    BTW: THere is a useful resource for iphone how-tos… http://www.modmyifone.com


  37. Urm…command lines. Me no likey. πŸ˜›

    Oh well, I’m only temporarily using a DiGi number so no need for custom ringtones at the moment. However, very nice sharing this with the rest who are seeking it high and low.

  38. Thanks Patrick, your way is much easy compare to what i saw in some wedsite(~20 steps) but for me its complicated, cos i dont know how to use Command Prompt and Doc, …etc…. πŸ™ ….
    OH YA …if i m using Digi …what is the point of geting the ringtone…. crab … but i still hate bringing two hp at a time my p900(old) + iphone …. very heavy … both are so big…

  39. What is the problem with Ringtones and Digi?

    It is really quite simple once you get the hang of it…

    I’ll keep my eyes open for a simpler way and post it here if I come across it…


  40. BTW Isaac,

    If there is an MP3 that you are DYING to convert it to iTunes, let me know and I can convert it for you and tell you where to file it so ITunes finds it…

    Just email it to me…


  41. Isaac:
    Did you mean to say no point getting ringtones from DiGi because it’s not supported on the Apple iPhone? πŸ™‚

    He could’ve meant that. Anyway, I’m sticking to the original ringtones because I find the default ringtones to be unique. Unless of course, the Malaysia market suddenly floods with too many iPhone users.

    Which won’t be the case just yet. πŸ˜›

  42. Hi Patrick and Danny,

    What i mean is if i use Maxis in my iPhone, its not gonig to ring, so what is the point of getting new ringtone, becos all the call will divert to my old phone( Digi) … my old phone can use any kind of file as ringtone.
    Thanks Patrick , this is the first time i use iTune, i know how to drag mp3 to convert for iPhone, it just i dont know how to input mp3 ringtone into iPhone, cos iTune/iPhone block modified mp3 ….

  43. Ahhh, that’s what you meant. πŸ™‚

    Well, until Maxis starts seeing their subscriber numbers turning red then they’d do something about it. Until then, we’re stuck with lugging 2 phones around.

  44. @ Isaac : Try using iBrickr (www.ibrickr.com) to transfer ringtones to the Apple iPhone. It works flawlessly all the time. (not to mention you can also install app, games, themes, wallpapers, eBooks, files etc via iBrickr as well)

  45. Hi Reno,

    Thanks for the info and iBrickr seem not so complicated, but will it become unstable after hacking the phone? …. i tried jaillock to change the themes, it was not so stable and a few of the icon disapear…

  46. I didn’t know iBrickr does that.

    I know for the Mac; iFuntastic, has been doing fine for me ever since I used it. Hmm, Windows… the glass breaks too easily. πŸ˜›

  47. Hi Isaac

    Just try iBrickr, if you don’t like it, let us know (cos you won’t and you would in fact be recommending it instead!)

    How to Transfer MP3 to iPhone :

    Step 1 – Download & install iBrickr (www.ibrickr.com)
    Step 2 – Start iBrickr & Select the Ringtone option*
    Step 3 – Folder opens up and allows you to select ANY mp3 Music/Ringtone residing in your PC
    Step 4 – iBrickr converts to proper format and immediately uploads it to the iPhone
    Step 5 – New MP3 ringtone is selectable in the iPhone

    It is that simple, the way it should be. (and don’t worry, it is very stable)

    *sometimes, iBrickr would not detect the iPhone. You have to start iTunes, and once iTunes detect your iPhone, to close iTunes. Make sure you also ensure ‘iTunesHelper’ is closed as well (go to Ctrl + Alt + Del, select ‘Processes’, and terminate ‘iTunesHelper’). Then start iBrickr & iPhone would be detected.

    Hope this helps.

  48. An added note of importance is you will need to end the process for iTunesHelper whenever you use iBrickr or iFuntastic. There’s something with the iTunesHelper which can affect the unlock.

    IPmart looks alright. However, they’re located in Sarawak. And their iPhone is more than RM2600 without shipping included yet. Plus, they never stated what methods of unlocking are they using.

    In adding to that, many are purchasing the iPhones in KL from RM2300-2600 (flat). For RM2600, I can already get the 8GB iPhoneSimFree unlocked version 1.1.1.

  49. The iPhone is neat n a fab thing to own.

    I noe that it cost a bomb n all, but i think it’ll go lower a few years time.

    Maybe i’ll get this for an exchange of my As in my examinations.

    Hey what can I say, a teenager like myself lurvs fab gadgets.

    And i think i phone is cool.

  50. Hi Reno & Danny,

    ok firstly thank you reno, those tips really help me. Question: when should i turn off the iTunesHelper, all the time? i know before turn on iBrickr ,but before connect my iphone? if i m using itune, no need to turn off right? what is the use of iTuneshelper, can we just delete it? …. i m very scare my phone get lock….

  51. Belinda:
    Wow! Exchange for As in your examinations! I want! πŸ˜›

    Kill iTunesHelper before you plug in your iPhone then launch iBrickr or iFuntastic. πŸ™‚

    I have no clue what it really does. LOL! The answer I got from Google was:
    ituneshelper.exe is a process belonging to Itunes MP3 streaming tool by Apple, which allows you to play MP3’s. This process speeds up iTunes when it starts, and the program also monitors for connected iPod devices.

  52. Hi Isaac

    No prob with that. πŸ™‚

    You only terminate iTunesHelper when you need to use iBrickr, or else iBrickr would not detect the iPhone.

    Whenever you use iTunes with the iPhone, iTunesHelper would automatically be started (so, no further actions is needed on your side)

    It is a conduit that is required for some of the functionalities of iTunes, to work, and should not be deleted.

    Hope that helps!


  53. hey guys, does the maxis line work on the i phone right now cause some people said it doesn’t give them a problem

  54. Ussy, I’m on Maxis now and I’ve not really encountered fatal problems. The most common is making a call and having to repeat the process once or twice before getting connected.

    This can be due to the busy Maxis network. But my experience isn’t overly affected by this.

  55. Do you think the price will also be around that figure when it officially launches in malaysia this coming may 2008? or will the price drop?

  56. When is the offical launch of Apple iphone in malaysia.I am very much interested to own it, but not for RM2990/-

  57. If ya all planning to get an Iphone, my proposal is to group up the purhase and buy one time deal. At least you will save on the delivery service.

    Also, unlocking is very easy. Try reading up from blogs/web pages.
    My personal advise…dun use ZiPhone to unlock. My friend new 16GB model bootloader was corrupted beyond recovery after using it. I am lucky myself as din see that problem..

    Bottom line, should’t pay more than 2k

    p.s. anyone know where can repair iphone in PG?

  58. bought my fren the i-phone 8GB for RM1700, 16GB for RM2k, from US, charged slightly for delivery cost. Without unlocked, original receipt provided from Apple Store in States. The price still reasonable right? Unlocked only cost RM150 per phone or less..

  59. From the Apple Store costs approximately RM1300 (based on today’s rate) for the 8GB but you got it for him at RM400 extra. Did the postage really cost that much or were you making a sale from your friend?

    Anyway, there’ll always be a price war if a person wants someone to assist to unlock. However, the war reaches its limits when it comes down to technical support on issues regarding the iPhone.

  60. with the arrival of the new iphone reseller might have to go lower to clear their old stocks..

  61. Is there any news as when the new iphone3G will be available in Malaysia and what the pricing of the new units be like? I heard that the preliminary launch will be on the 11th JULY 2008 in certain countries and it’ll be in Singapore later this year. However there is no official launch date for Malaysia.

    Does this mean that we gotta go over to our ‘jiran’ to get the new iphone ourselves? Thx.

  62. There would be annoucement on the iphone deal in China later this year. Maybe we will see something similar to that coming to Malaysia. To Apple all markets are important

    While waiting for it why not get an ipod touch first?

  63. wow Iphone do really looks classy if we have it..but i will definitely not buy it.. my fren open a phone shop.. i ask her about Iphone is it ok? she said better dun go for it as this thing got no spare part in malaysia if anything happen.. the price already cost so much what if later when any of the hardware/software got problem …the service sure will cost a lot also…well, i bet anyone who is rich for sure will go for it. as for me i earn an income less than a 1,000 definitely will not go for it.. and as for me these gadget thing change very fast.. this onth got i phone nex month will have another latest gadget out in market ody.. To own a iphone will only be a dream for me.. hu..hu…

  64. Roxy:
    That’s true. However, I’ve not heard of hardware failures except ones who’ve said they douse their iPhone in water.

    As for the price, it’ll definitely not touch the RM150 market we have here. Smartphones have neva gone below RM1500 I’d say.

    Oh well, you could always borrow a friend’s one to play around with it. πŸ™‚

  65. So how much for 1 Iphone 3G at this time?
    Can you email me the price with the method to order.
    Including the ship right?
    And can u ship it to VietNam?

  66. hi,

    I have a brand new Iphone 3G 8g to sell for RM 2000, is this a reasonable price to sell in Malaysia? How much does it cost if buying a new one in Malaysia?

  67. If it’s a fully unlocked unit, I’d say it’s a steal. However, other factors will determine it’s final price. Such as:
    1. Scratches/Dents.
    2. Package/Accessories.
    3. Fully unlocked or not.
    4. Personal warranty.
    5. Human factor.

  68. at today’s date, how much is an unlocked, brand new iPhone selling for in KL? If you were to convert the price into AUD what would it be?

  69. Well, some offering approximately 2700 for the 16GB. That’ll be around AUD 1114. But these are definitely prices from non-official resellers. Maxis only has plans for you and the one which gives you the phone free is their 12-month RM375 plan – if I remember correctly.

  70. Hey Guys….. I want bye this iphone in installment. But I’m not malay! so u all have any idea about that ? how can i bye in instellment?

  71. Urm, it doesn’t matter what race you are, Hem. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, the reseller doesn’t do installments. Your best bet of asking for installments is through the Maxis providers.

  72. I’m getting the unlocked iphones from UK and can get it for RM2500 (16gb)
    drop me a line if any of you are interested. Available in Blk & white.

  73. And I’d just like to say any dealings with whoever in the comments is at your own discretion and responsibility. So don’t come crying when you’ve burnt a hole. πŸ˜›

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