Wufoo Public Launch Very Soon

It’s not going to be long now before the new Wufoo form creator invades the Internet offering free form creation for beginners, website designers, website developers and to who ever that needs a form that tracks valuable required data on their website.

The Art of Wufoo Form Creation is something I just can’t express how happy I am to have a service like this now availabe. However, I can tell everyone a lot about the inside of the application and how it’ll make your life easier when creating forms and having a place to store important data when I received the Invite to Wufoo.

I also predicted that such a service won’t be free and expected a couple of free forms and reports that I could create when Wufoo publicly launched. True enough that to take advantage of this service fully when you don’t want to build something by yourself, you’ll pay a meager fee.

I’m not going to release the prices here incase it’s a non-disclosed thing at the moment still being in Beta and all but I can tell you for what you will pay, it’s not too bad. On the other hand, that’s speaking if I were earning in US Dollars.

Just like when I was beta testing Sitevista (online compatibility testing) and wrote a detailed Sitevista review, the only part I couldn’t afford was the fee in USD. The target market in Malaysia have yet matured to understand the intense tests actually required nowadays but I guess that’s why we don’t have usability and accessibility standards. Yes, it’s sad.

So anyway here’s the free plan, the middle plan and highest paid plan offered in Wufoo later.

Free Wufoo Plan

  • 3 Forms
  • 3 Reports
  • 10 Fields per form
  • 100 Entries per month

Average Wufoo Plan

  • Unlimited Forms
  • Unlimited Reports
  • ‘Maximum’ Fields
  • 3,000 Entries per month

Highest Wufoo Plan

  • Unlimited Forms
  • Unlimited Reports
  • ‘Maximum’ Fields
  • Unlimited Entries for Life 😛

If you’re wondering what do they mean by ‘Maximum’ number of form fields in Wufoo, here’s what I got from their tooltip.

The maximum number of fields allowed is approximately 100, but varies based on the field types used in the form.

If I was an American citizen, the price point of this service has been set at a very competitive point which enables me to create, edit, and manage powerful forms and  also organize key customer data through reports like how I wrote in the Wufoo review.

So till the public launch, let’s all *woof* for a Wufoo well done.


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  1. Response #1 by Websites Made Simple Blog » Blog Archive » Spin Off the Wufoo Form Creator - Sharing simple website design, ideas, practices with Malaysia. on October 14th, 2006

    […] Back in June I was excited to find out the art of Wufoo form creation was about to be launched. Not long before that, I even was given the opportunity to beta test the service and even wrote a review. From the first time I logged into Wufoo, it was a joy creating online forms and having a service help me keep track of important data was something extra I definitely valued. Wufoo has been very generous in their offerings found in their free account. […]

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