Website Strategy: Who Does Your Website Design Target?

During a disucssion with a client, I not only note down their requirements for their website or try to decipher what really is the client looking for in their website. Clients will most of the time know exactly what they want for themselves and their business, but do they really know how their website fits into their company strategy?

So speaking of website strategy (not website marketing strategy) most of the clients I’ve met don’t really have one in place for their project. One of the things a website strategy involves is the aesthetics of the website itself; the website design.

We’re not about to discuss the design principles or theories here. What I’d like to discuss about is the target your website design should be catered for. The individual or group or customers that will be viewing and using your website design. Do you think about who your website design target will be later?

Well, I think it’s high time that you started do so. Customers and visitors are becoming smarter and less tolerant of inadequate website design; especially if it makes them lose their patience.

Even an entertainment website that’s suppose to have you adventurously clicking away with lots of time on your hands now are becoming more practical because they’ve understood that their target market aren’t as enthusiastic as before. Their still enthusiastic but less tolerant when it comes to finding what they want.

International corporate website design today is more about the important information and value it could offer to its customers upfront. This is why now it’s not only important to design based on the company objectives because their strategy might not work for an online website. We need to start thinking of designing for their customers as well. How will a design persuade the customer to eat at their restaurant? How will the arranged panels and navigation lead the customer to that specialty product the company is offering?

So have you started implementing the website design target into your strategy? Or do you still believe the client is always right and it should be done their way?


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