Twittamentary: Documentary style Twitter Stories

Twittamentary is a documentary of the stories revolve around Twitter users. Their meetups, interactions, exploration and inside look into how far Twitter has entered into their daily lives. Which after watching, you’ll understand why has it become more than just telling people what you ate for lunch. *burp*

The filmmaker; Siok Siok Tan, or @sioksiok came from Singapore to show us Twittamentary. We had a private screening in TGV’s function room only for a small group of less than 20.

twittermentary screening malaysia

From citizen journalists to brokers.

Though cold, the stories told in the Twittamentary was informative and heart warming, when you hear about the homeless lady who tweets.

Quick facts about Twittamentary:

  1. Movie length is about 1 hour plus minus (when we watched).
  2. It was self-funded with some assistance from the Twitter community.
  3. It took around 1 year and 6 months to shoot it, if I recall.
  4. Final movie estimated to be done in May.
  5. Final screening of Twittamentary planned to be in Chicago.

By the way, with more guys at the screening, Twittamentary got more interesting and entertaining when Siok Siok actually managed to find a porn star to tell her Twitter story. Awesome! 😛


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