Thanks For The Monetary Support Google

Adsense payment

Every Malaysia blogger have had thanked Google at some point of their blogging journey (or career). Now, it’s my turn finally to be able to thank Google for their monetary donation in supporting my annual domain and website hosting.

Though the amount isn’t like what an Internet marketer could have his money clip around, I’m still grateful for it. What you see is really the full amount I’ve gotten albeit taking a period of time before withdrawal. Probably because I only own and publish in 1 blog; Websites Made Simple.

Maybe I should start 2 more I have in mind soon. But what’s momentarily holding me back is my commitment to my company; Simpleet Solutions. We’re taught to prioritize so my main revenue generator now is my Malaysia website design and development company.

Nonetheless, it’ll be exciting running a totally new blog again. So…we’ll see. 🙂

p.s: Are you Google Adsense statistics (income) addict?

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13 Replies to “Thanks For The Monetary Support Google”

  1. Nope. This is my first time using Western Union Quick Cash though. 😛

    If it weren’t for the throngs of customers, I’d be able to say it only took me 5 minutes to get my Adsense payment.

    Thanks but I’m still not rich…dang it! LOL!

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  3. Orchid, I’m not earning a decent amount yet too. Only a minimal amount to support my hosting and domain…with a tiny bonus this time. Unlike you all over there. 😛

  4. Thanks a bundle, precious. For visiting me and commenting on the effort I’ve put in so far to this blog. Though I do hope to make a little more in time to come. 😉

  5. To everyone who uses Google Adsense, is there a way of using earnings in Adsense to pay for Adwords? Can’t Google just contra from the accounts? I can’t seem to find a way to do so and am wondering if this is possible…

  6. I definitely don’t know about it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have written the article; Why Google Didn’t Think of This? GOOGLE! Come on! This is a grand idea….more advertising money.

  7. Adsense is definitely one of the best passive income model on the Internet! However it does work for some websites and not so well on others. So if it works great on your site here, chances are when you start another one, the results might be very different indeed!

  8. Well, if a person were really driven by Google Adsense alone you’d have to do much more research and selecting your keywords or phrases carefully. But yes, some websites don’t work well Adsense because either there’s not many advertisers or there’s too many advertisers; saturated market.

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