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And if you’re questioning why you should be doing so? I didn’t want to take your time by presenting all the types of researched cancerous stuff or show you haunting photos but just quote what Edrei told me in MSN. I mentioned about AIDS being worst than cancer and his answer was so clear that compared to his post on his blog, this just sums it up.

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So how do you pledge and donate?

  • Visit the Blogathon website.
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  • Choose the association or blogger you wish to support.
  • Enter the amount you wish to pledge.
  • Grab the details for donating. (if it’s there)

If you’d like to view the bloggers or associations you could get involved with, you’ll need to click the SIGN UP link on the menu. So do your part and if you understood the words of Edrei personally, you could try imagining if cancer befallen someone you wouldn’t want anything to have happened. (touch wood of course)

Pledge and donate for a good cause.

Requested edit for Edrei:
He meant well and just cleared up with me that he made those short comments because he didn’t have the chance to explain what he meant. His real intentions can be read at his blog, Footsteps in The Mirror.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

3 Replies to “Support Edrei”

  1. I have a family history of cancer. None of AIDS. And those statements were EXTREMELY misleading.

    *unlike AIDS…anyone of us can get it..*

    Anyone can get AIDS. NO ONE is automatically immune from risk. You can get it from sex – even heterosexual, marital sex. You can get it from needles. You can get it from a bad blood transfusion. You can be BORN with it. To say that only certain people can get AIDS is absolutely WRONG.

    *unlike AIDS…its part of you..*

    AIDS is a part of you too. It’s not something completely unavoidable – unless you stay a virgin your whole life, never come into contact with needles, and never need a blood transfusion. And how often does that happen? Once you get AIDS, or just the HIV virus, you have to live with it. There’s no cure for it yet. At least with cancer you have a chance of remission or cure. Not with AIDS.

    *unlike AIDS…there is always hope…but it always comes too late..*

    There is hope for AIDS. Plenty of treatments being developed. Many people with HIV/AIDS are living good lives. Is it fair to say that just because AIDS isn’t as yet “curable” that somehow it’s not worth attention?

    There is NO SUCH THING as a “worst disease”. Every disease is bad in its own way. To try to compare the two and put them on some sort of arbitary ranking is extremely misleading, offensive, and DANGEROUS. This is not a “I have it worse than you” contest.

    I may have supported Edrei. After those remarks – forget it.

  2. Ouch, sorry to hear that Tiara.

    Anyway, it’s really my fault since I actually quoted him without consenting him. To me, his comments meant well and I took it as a neutral understanding. I’m very sorry if the post sounded very wrong and extremely misleading. If it would be any better, please do inform me if you want it edited or removed totally.


  3. Yeah…I really didn’t expect Danny to put that there. I am so sorry if I meant any misrepresentation. Those were meant to have their own explainations…think of it as footnotes to footnotes.

    Anyone of us can get cancer means from my perspective as a biotechnologist, you don’t need to have things like HIV risk factors (needles, promicuous sex and mother to child) to get it. Any one of us can get it. As long as we live, the systems that maintain our gene makeup will eventually degrade themselves. When they do…the eventual result is cancer.

    Cancer is part of you. Again…from my perspective as a biotechnologist. HIV is a foreign body. A virus. Cancer is your own genes gone wrong. Horribly wrong. You can get infected with HIV, but you can’t get infected with cancer…you only develop it from your own body.

    As for the hope. I’m talking about what we have now. How many of us could have been saved if they had been screened earlier? How many of us could have been saved if only the cancer was detected a few months ahead? We live in a world were the only hope with AIDS now is that with the right medication, we can keep it at bay long enough to wait for a cure. In cancer, given the right time…there was always hope to be cured. But it came too late for some…and it takes everything away from them…from us.

    I am so sorry you took it as misleading. I look at cancer all the time and I lost people because of it. It wasn’t meant to be misleading. I’m really sorry that it was there in the first place. Danny didn’t bother to elaborate and I really didn’t know he’d quote me on something so simplistic like that. Sorry again.

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