Start Managing Your Online Reputation

This morning, I decided to try one of the things which was suggested by Calvin; Webcamp KL community member, which was to:

What do you find when you google your past?

It’s definitely not the first time I’ve done this, but it’s been awhile since I did it. And when I started browsing, I went as deep in as 25 pages into Google’s search results. Through this exercise, I’d recommend any person who’s been online for more than 1 year to do it.

Just by searching my name, skipping my website and social media networks, I found some interesting things which I didn’t notice before.

You’re Not The Last Person on Earth

I found my name to be quite a common name. I found a local accredited lawyer with an office in JayaOne. A realty consultant whose company is based in Singapore and a few others.

Though I am me. A spaced out creative guy who co-founded a Malaysia web design company.

Know Who’s Talking About You

I knew a friend of mine who mentioned me in his article before. But what I didn’t know is, he may have written again about me – Web Design Is A Lowly Job? And participating in a professional organization such as BNI has taught me visibility is important.  So easy enough, I shared the article on my Facebook and tagged my friend to thank him.

However, there’s no guarantee everyone has a clean sheet. Which is why, this exercise can be very important to you. It gives you a chance to find out how you may have done good or bad to someone.

Give Thanks to People You May Have Missed

Some articles which mentioned me were of a social nature. For example, a friend on Twitter who said she knew about the SAD (Single Awareness Day) campaign when I mentioned it sometime ago.

It’s better late than never. So this gave me the opportunity to drop her a thank you note. 🙂

Don’t wait to hear someone tell you about it, Google your name or your business and see what comes out. Then, act on them appropriately.


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