Don’t Lie to The Camera

Yesterday I posted about corporate videos and why I felt it’s truly a media worth investing for your corporate website. Today, I’d like to touch on adding your video to the social web.

Case study: KFC Malaysia apologizes


I’ve not seen the said video of the tampering, but what I want to highlight is the comments in the video. Yes, you have to pay attention to the video comments if you join the social web.

Customers may not be always right, but they’re not stupid

I read the first few pages of comments and found most agreed:

  1. The speaker sways too much.
  2. The dialogue doesn’t sound sincere.

Remember, once you know the purpose of a video, an experienced video team would be advising you. If they’ve no comments, you need to encourage them to give you honest feedback. It’s the only way you’ll know how a third party aka your customers may react to your video.

Make Your Corporate Video Fun

The #1 reason I want to work closely with videographers, especially if they understand online media, is because videos can play a humongous role in a corporate website. And before you read further, I’m writing this post from my personal observations.

Few years back, I stumbled on a website which introduced and promoted their service using video. Plus, their service is to create introductory videos such as what you would’ve seen on their website.

Video with actors or actresses

Video with people adds a strong human connection between your products and services. If you’ve a storyline going for you, even better – Mac VS PC.


Voice over videos

If you can’t get actors or your colleagues are too scared of the camera, voice overs work like the radio. Except, there’s still a visual. This video style is most commonly used for guidance purposes.


Don’t have the budget

The aim isn’t to shoot a Hollywood film. Think of its purpose and how you can keep it simple, while communicating its message to your customers.

You’re not alone

Ask your team to be involved in the idea process. But remember the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)  formula to stay on track. You can save the exploding car scene as a pet project.

Have confidence to be different

And lastly, you don’t have to execute a video like your competitor. Lighten up. Have fun with your video unless it’s a really serious message, like the presidential speech – even the US President knows how to have fun.


At the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, President Barack Obama jokes about a sequel to the film the King’s Speech that hits closer to home. The President offers a sneak peak of the parody at the annual event.

So, once you know it’s purpose you’ll know what needs to be done.