Hotmail Reborn

Hotmail Brings New Amazing Innovative Features to Power Users Backed by 15 years of experience, the largest web-based mail service in the world delivers continuous innovation in spam filtering, performance, storage and mobile platform compatibility, all designed to meet the needs of power users.

Barry Ooi
Fall in love with Hotmail again - Barrie Ooi, Head of Windows Live for the Asia Pacific region.

Kuala Lumpur, 4 October 2011 – In conjunction with Hotmail’s 15th anniversary this month, Microsoft has announced five new amazing innovative features for the largest web-based email service in the world. A culmination of the numerous learnings and feedback gathered over the past 5 to 6 years from Hotmail’s large user base of more than 360 million people worldwide, the new features offer improvements in vital areas of spam filtering, performance, storage and mobile platform compatibility exclusively designed to meet the needs of power users.

“We’ve all used Hotmail at one point in time, and we loved it for its features and simplicity. Things are a little bit more complicated today. People want more than just an email address. Users want huge storage space, seamless integration with instant messaging and contact management as well as easy access across mobile devices. With our latest Hotmail release, we are bringing all this and more to our users. Hotmail has come a long way since its humble beginnings. It is now more feature rich, more integrated and more secure than ever before. It’s the perfect time to fall in love all over again with Hotmail,” said Barrie Ooi, Head of Windows Live, Asia Pacific, Microsoft.

Hotmail now on Android

The only official Microsoft mobile app for Hotmail that gives you easy access to Hotmail so you never miss an email.

android app

New features from Hotmail

Selected features introduced with the latest release of Hotmail today.

  1. Newsletter filters including “unsubscribe me”
  2. Scheduled cleanup
  3. New folder management
  4. Flags – done right
  5. Categories powered by Sweep

Hotmail is just one aspect of the many wonderful things to be announced from Microsoft in the following months. So keep a look out for the latest from Microsoft.

New Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook just released an update to its privacy settings. Making it simpler for Facebook users to control the limitation of their privacy. Let’s dive straight in with the Facebook privacy tour if you’ve not recently logged into your Facebook account.

Tagging People in Status Updates for Dummies

new status update

I suppose not everyone realized you can either tag friends or Facebook pages using the @ method or even, by just typing a friend’s name in your list. So Facebook came up with a visual interface to tell you, where to do it.

Control Geo-tagging for Status Updates


The description confused me a little because it said I could add a specific place too. Does that include a Facebook Page of a restaurant?

Specific Facebook Wall messages for specific people

limited facebook wall

This was maintained from the previous update. But an important note as described is if you wish to hide the previous post from a select group, you can manually change it later – though you’re going to have to look for it, if say it was posted 2 years ago.

New Spiffy Facebook Privacy Landing Page

facebook privacy landing page

I guess to introduce the new Facebook privacy settings, they made a new landing page to remind users of the new status updates privacy settings.

In addition, having 3 large buttons to preset your privacy settings makes it feel setting your privacy is simple. But in all honesty, I’d highly recommend going with the Custom setting and taking the time to set up your privacy.

Moderate Your Tags

control facebook tagging

This was one setting I’m really glad Facebook implemented. The ability to review all tags of you by friends from status updates to photos. Meaning, for the girls, no more “why did you tag me in such an ugly photo?” or for the guys, less “she was just a friend” moments.

But note, you’ll have to enable the moderation because I believe it’s disabled by default. And these settings are inside your Privacy Settings page, under the heading; How tags work.

Kudos to Facebook for this privacy settings revamp. I hope you maintain this interface for a longer period of time. 😛