Digg Designer Daniel Burka Teaches a Thing or Two

Good email newsletters are a valuable source of information and inspiration. As such, I’d like to share a few snippets from Sitepoint’s 50th Design View issue. They interviewed the lead designer at Digg; Daniel Burka, and he had a lot of stuff even Malaysia website designers can or should relate today. For example.

Of course, other web sites in our area too–sites like Facebook, for instance. I think the crew down there are doing some really interesting UI work. Even if they’re borrowing from Digg *cough*. Ha ha, I’m referring to some of the new UI stuff on the new Facebook feed — they borrowed a couple of ideas. It’s funny.

Not to say that we haven’t taken a few ideas from them too!

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Wimax Must Now Come To Petaling Jaya

I was reading InTech from The Star today and I found a news article to my joy. Not only was I thinking now Wimax have to come to Petaling Jaya, but the news benefits all ICT companies within Petaling Jaya. Why? It’s because Bandar Utama (and Mid Valley City) have been elevated to cybercentres. What this means for my website design and development company like Simpleet Solutions is:

MSC-status companies can now house their businesses at these locations.

Although we’ve not applied for an MSC application yet, it’s awesome to now be able to have our office closer to our homes. Rather than to pay for tolls, burn more petrol to reach Cyberjaya, patiently wait for the car in front to move while some other jack*ss squeezes his car into your lane and most importantly, to reach home for dinner on time.

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