Domain Name Price Increases Again

Today, my domain registrar informed me the domain name registration prices are increasing. If my memory serves me right, this is the second increase this year. Why am I concerned about it since I only have Well, I’m also the co-founder of Simpleet Solutions; a registered Malaysia website design company, so like how political clashes affect businesses even economical trends affect the company and its team.

This is the message my registrar sent me:

Because select registries are increasing the prices of domains to us, the prices of .com, .net, .org and .info domains are going up 40 cents. This will be an industry wide change and will affect all registrars effective in October.

When I read it again, you may or may not be affected depending on who your registry is but I’m now thinking if Simpleet will have to increase its domain price registration when client’s need to register a domain name. Hmm…

Anyone else’s registry has informed you of a price increase?

Benefits of Running an Honest Business

It’s weird ever since our parents have found email, I’d admit they could be the source of all the emails being forwarded to me. But I’m not blaming them since there was a time when we found email, we too continuously forwarded messages to our friends thinking it was fun. So I guess it’s a cycle, you know.

And this is one of the emails my Dad recently passed to me. I’d like to share it here because I can so relate to it and it really makes me feel good. Mainly because I too open up more to my clients and we (Simpleet Solutions) don’t have any hidden additional charges in our projects. Without further due, these are the benefits of running an honest business.

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