I Need More Bloggers for Advertorial

person staring at monitorPreviously I was tasked to help a client seek 50 bloggers for advertorial. Thank you to bloggers who applied and I’m sorry to bloggers who haven’t been selected. I’m not sure if this is unfortunate or good luck because they’d like me to find more bloggers to write advertorial for them.

In the last round, the requirements I advised the client were very lenient therefore this round I’m going to be less lenient. It’s not because I want to be the bad guy here but I’d like to ensure most of the bloggers applying will fit the clients requirements. Better fit means better chances of the client selecting you for advertorial.

So here are the new blogger requirements:

  1. Must own a blog. (not necessarily with personal domain)
  2. Written in either English, BM or Chinese.
  3. Minimum 3 MONTHS blogging.
  4. Minimum 1000 UNIQUE VISITORs per month.
  5. Must have a site analytics tool like Google Analytics, Sitemeter or others.

If you meet the requirements, please email (etsuko.lyn at gmail.com) with the following subject line; Blogger Enrollment.

Including the following information:

Real Name:

Blog URL: http://

Blog Genre:

Attach: Screenshot of the last 30 days absolute unique visitor numbers.

Application closes on July 18, 2008.

Though you may fit the requirements, there is no guarantee you will be selected because client will do final selection of blogs they feel most confident in awarding the advertorial too. And I apologize in advance if your blog wasn’t selected.

Is Maxis Bringing iPhone 3G to Malaysia?

iphone malaysia imageThis is breaking news and it’s been openly announced on the Internet. Just a few minutes ago, one of my commenters shared a source with me. Apparently, Maxis Malaysia is bringing in the iPhone 3G to Malaysia.

Whether or not its true all we have from here on is skepticism and blank bullets to fire off. However, I’ve checked the source and they seem to be a reputable place of information. They openly said:

Its understood that Maxis will offer the iPhone 3G in Malaysia at a competitive price below RM1,000.

Source: The Malaysian Insider

I’m rather stunned by this. I know rumours were Maxis was planning on bringing the iPhone to Malaysia but I’m quite shocked its true. Don’t know why.

What do you guys think about Maxis bringing the iPhone 3G to Malaysia?