Using Google Chrome Internet Browser For 24 Hours

There is a new Internet browser in the market and brought to us by the boys (and girls) of Google Inc. I found out about their new Internet browser; Chrome, yesterday via their Inside Adsense email newsletter. The way I see it, their Internet browser will be in direct competition to Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. And yes, if you want me to mention it – Internet Explorer.

I’ve been using Chrome almost completely the whole day yesterday except during the time I had a meeting in the afternoon. This was because Chrome is only released for Windows at the moment. *wails* But as I type this entry on Chrome, I’m slowly noticing and appreciating the additional potential it has to offer me. So, how does Google Chrome fair against the others?

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Today is Not Only a Holiday

While I was at Jayce’s website yesterday, I watched a video which made me realize Malaysia’s independence day is but a small celebration in our tiny world. When I read Kenny Sia’s humorous Merdeka angle, I realized all our races have our habitual flaws. Today, when I was on Facebook and on the road, I realized today is not only a holiday.

Neither is it a day for a large celebration. Today, should be a day not to continuously reflect our past but for us to realize our future. It should be this day, we realize our future hasn’t been set before us. It’s today everyone in Malaysia should realize what they need to do to secure our children’s children’s future and so on.

Reflect not only upon your achievements but the flaws, so we’ll not only strive for world peace but a better Malaysia. This video makes you realize that. Not the TV advertisements. Not the newspapers. And surely, not ourselves.

Happy Independence Day, my dear; Malaysia.