Someone Is Stealing My Blog Content Again

Not even a month has passed and I’ve found another thief stealing my blog content. This thief is smarter in hiding his/her identity but I’ve a hunch he/she is from China. The article ripped off is my iPhone in Malaysia upgrade from 1.1.4 to 2.0.1.

It seems there is an increase of spam blogs all of a sudden. It’s like some brilliant mentor or Internet marketer is now telling everyone you can make money by copying other people’s content. Saying it’s not wrong to use other people’s content and along the way, I think their participants took using other people’s content literally. Sigh.

Despite having my hotlink protection via my hosting panel enabled, I’ve also installed a WordPress hotlink protection plugin. Upon my own investigation, this new thief is stealing my images via my feeds. It looks like this:×120.jpg

Now, this worries me. Is our feed or WordPress insecure?

P.S: I’m using Feedburner (acquired by Google).

Buy the Apple iPhone 3G in Malaysia

Updated November 4, 2008:
Bundle offer from my Apple iPhone 3G reseller in Malaysia:

Buy an Apple iPhone 8GB and get USD200 (RM720) iTunes Credit and this credit can be used to purchase from the US iTunes Store. This’ll let you purchase not only applications but music, movies and even TV shows!

Contact me now to get this bundle offer at only RM3200.

It’s been 365 days since the Apple iPhone landed in Malaysia. As you may already have heard and seen, iPhone 3G is now in Malaysia. However, it’s not officially brought in by Apple and sold at Apple Malaysia resellers. And despite rumours of Maxis bringing the iPhone 3G to Malaysia, it remains a rumour only.

If you’ve waited and waited and waited even longer, stop waiting. The price for the iPhone isn’t dropping in Malaysia unless it’s a second-hand or older generation iPhone in Malaysia – my 4GB iPhone. Back then, average price of an iPhone in Malaysia ranged from RM1800-3500. Now, my reseller has shared the iPhone 3G price in Malaysia is between RM3000-3500. Indeed, it’s more expensive but one of the things he did share with me is it does NOT require TurboSim.

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