The Time Spent Developing a Website

Don’t take it to heart but yeah, it pretty much summarizes certain parts of developing a website. Though most of the world still uses Internet Explorer, Malaysia website designers and developers strike very hard to make it compatible for these non-modern browser users.

P.S: Developing in CSS now doesn’t take as long compared to creating numerous HTML pages as yester-years.

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Have a good Monday guys!

The Wimax Malaysia Rollout Race Begins

A Malaysian’s characteristic is procrastination. I, myself, admit as being a victim of procrastination too. Being in a procrastinating culture, we like the thrill and adrenaline of completing or delivering goals last minute. Same goes to the Malaysia Wimax rollout now as the authorized license holders are racing to meet the end of August deadline.

At first, there were 4 authorized Malaysia Wimax license holders; Green Packet Bhd, REDtone International Bhd, YTL E-Solutions Bhd and Asiaspace Dotcom Sdn Bhd. Now, we’ve only heard a lot of Packet One (P1) followed by YTL E-Solutions then REDtone. Can the Wimax license holders other than P1 meet the deadline? Can P1 easily scale-up not only to serve a few hundred customers but a few million?

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