My Favourite Computer Game of All Time

While Timothy and Ming (Nuffnang co-founders) may know how to speak Jafaikan, I betcha there’s one language not them or many may know how to speak it. Simple reason; it can’t be spoken by tongue unless you’re not human. Introducing; 1337 speak.

|\/|Â¥ |=4V0(_)12173 (0|\/||o(_)7312 64|\/|3 0|= 411 71|\/\3 15 |\|0\/\/ 734|\/| |=012712355 2.

Anyone figured out what it says? If you attended the Electronic Sports World Cup in Bandar Utama recently, pullout your free A5 notepad. There is a 1337 dictionary behind the front cover. I won my free 1337 A5 notepad from Multiplay. What I said was…

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Malaysia Wimax Licencees Have Until August

Just a quick update on the Malaysia Wimax scene right now and the announcement by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Senior Director for Technology and Standards Division, Mr. Zamani Zakariah to the four (4) Malaysia Wimax license holders:

All four mobile WiMAX operators have been given a deadline of until August next month to commercially launch the WiMAX service in Malaysia. Otherwise, there will be a penalty imposed on the operators if they fail to meet the deadline.

Zamani also hinted the Government might cancel the WiMAX license of operators if they failed to roll out the WiMAX service by the second deadline after paying the penalty. I sure hope it doesn’t happen otherwise we’re going to see you know who getting a license too. And, many of us don’t want THAT to happen.

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