EMAGINE, Malaysia’s 1st Home-Grown Connected TV Service, Will Change How We Watch TV and Online Entertainment

Lean-back and enjoy a more personal, exciting and comfortable full-screen experience on your HDTV when watching the best of online entertainment with a simple click of a remote.

(Kuala Lumpur, February 28, 2013) – Innovating in the highly popular and fast growing area of direct Internet-video streaming to television sets, Select-TV Solutions Sdn Bhd, a leading end-to-end IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) solutions provider based out of Malaysia, today launched EMAGINE, Malaysia’s 1st, home-grown Connected TV service, powered by high speed broadband Internet that brings a wealth of online and on-demand entertainment directly to the home HDTV.

EMAGINE user interface
EMAGINE user interface

“The Internet has captured our attention and changed our lives like nothing before. Over 4 billion hours of video is watched each month on YouTube alone, with more than 72 hours of video being uploaded every minute”, said CS Goh, CEO, Select-TV. “Watching this colossal amount of online entertainment and educational content on a PC, tablet or a phone alone doesn’t do it justice anymore. The Internet has already changed the way we consume music with Internet-powered streaming services such as Spotify and others, and this change is now catching on to traditional television and online entertainment”, he added.

Consumers want and demand an easier, more enjoyable, comfortable and seamless experience when watching the online and on-demand videos delivered over broadband internet to HDTVs in their homes. As a result, devices such as Apple TV, Google TV and Roku in the US have sprung up to address that pent up demand. EMAGINE pushes the envelope with home-grown innovation and enters the market with a number of first-of-its-kind features.

Highlights of EMAGINE Features:

  • Beautiful, intuitive and responsive user interface that makes browsing, searching and managing online videos quick and easy. EMAGINE does not merely connect the TV to the Internet and replicate the Internet on a bigger screen. We studied the way a person watches TV and then we custom-designed an online & on-demand video viewing experience for the TV that provides seamless navigation through beautifully designed channels and push of a button content viewing.
  • In addition to the 200 plus and growing selected EMAGINE Net TV online channels in English and Chinese language, EMAGINE also curates and hand-picks top online videos through EMAGINE Picks, so you can easily discover the latest and most popular entertainment & educational online videos directly through your TV. EMAGINE will soon allow you to watch videos shared by your friends on Facebook and will recommend video content to you based on your watching behavior in the future.
  • EMAGINE allows you personalize your viewing experience by adding your own favourite online channels, create and share your own custom online video playlists, and watch and bookmark playlists shared by the EMAGINE Community, directly from your TV.
  • EMAGINE allows you to share and comment on the online videos you’re watching and even upload your photos to Facebook from your TV.
  • EMAGINE offers premium subscription Karaoke-on-Demand as the first service on its EMAGINE Plus Premium-On-Demand platform, with more than 50,000 songs in English, Malay, Chinese and other languages.  More Premium-On-Demand services will be available soon.
  • EMAGINE offers in-built Shoutcast Radio with more than 40,000 free to listen online radio stations across 25 Genres.
  • EMAGINE offers full High Definition Media Player capabilities with 3 USB 2.0 ports and a dedicated SD card slot, allowing you to watch your videos and listen to music from your external hard disk or a thumb drive and view photos and videos from your camera SD card directly on TV.
  • EMAGINE’s HD Media Player supports MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, AVI, MKV and other major video formats in High Definition 1080P; and all major music and photo formats.
  • EMAGINE has embedded Intel® Wireless Display (WIDI), which allows Intel® WIDI compatible laptops to share content and their screens wirelessly on TV in full High Definition.
  • Home Server capabilities allow you to stream content wirelessly from your computer to your TV. EMAGINE is also DLNA compliant, which allows you to beam videos and pictures from your mobile devices to your TV with 3rd party downloadable applications such as Twonky Beam, available both for iOS and Android devices.
  • EMAGINE has an in-built payment platform for subscription to premium content instantly and directly from your TV.

EMAGINE boxEMAGINE comes ready for use with a small, elegant, Internet-enabled box with built-in WiFi that is built on Intel chipsets. It connects directly to your existing HDTV via a HDMI cable. A simple wizard guides you to connect the EMAGINE box to your high-speed broadband network wirelessly or in a wired mode and you can watch online videos immediately through beautifully presented EMAGINE channels. Browsing and searching for your favorite online videos is easy, quick and intuitive and done either through the push of the button on the remote that comes with EMAGINE, or via any USB-connected wired or wireless keyboard.

Sources of EMAGINE Content:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • User’s own custom playlists
  • EMAGINE community shared playlists
  • EMAGINE “My Channels” where users will be able to add up to a 100 additional channels of their choice.
  • More than 200 Net TV Curated Channels and growing
  • Eumakh – Top Local Korean Music Video Channel
  • Premium-On-Demand service:
    • iOK – Karaoke on Demand with 50,000 songs, on your TV, in your living room in English, Chinese, Malay & Indonesian.
    • Subscription to premium services is done straight from the box, with no calls or emails, no registration, no contracts.

EMAGINE works with any HDTV with HDMI input and it works best with an Internet connection with consistent speeds of 3Mbps and above. For optimal High Definition experience, consistent broadband speeds of 5Mbps and above are recommended.

The New Content Ecosystem

By giving people the power to watch what they want and when they want it, in the comfort of their own home, on a single, High Definition big screen with no hassle at all, EMAGINE is changing the way people consume their video and online entertainment, regardless of where it comes from – the Internet or an external drive. “This changes the way we watch and interact with our TVs, and the millions of Online Videos previously watched and shared on PCs, tablets and phones are now available directly on your TV, with no advertisements, in full screen and in high definition wherever available”, said James Chong, who leads EMAGINE as the Chief EMAGINEER. “We have also built EMAGINE to be one of the simplest platforms for content providers to charge for their on-demand content on TV and we are already working with several major content owners and providers in Malaysia to provide their content to homes over EMAGINE at very fair and attractive revenue share arrangements”, he added.

L–R: CS Goh, CEO, Select-TV; Dato' Andrew Tan, Director, Music Tone; Kim Tham, Chairperson and Director, Select-TV;Mahmoud Fouz, Managing Director, Lazada Malaysia; James Chong, Chief EMAGINEER
L–R: CS Goh, CEO, Select-TV; Dato’ Andrew Tan, Director, Music Tone; Kim Tham, Chairperson and Director, Select-TV;Mahmoud Fouz, Managing Director, Lazada Malaysia; James Chong, Chief EMAGINEER

“We have an extraordinary product that beautifully showcases the full potential of online entertainment for the home HDTV, with unique content personalization features that allow you to do things on your TV that you have never been able to do before. There are already over 500,000 Unifi and high speed fibre broadband subscribers in the country and this number can only grow exponentially as high-speed quality broadband becomes indispensable in our daily lives, and as next generation LTE wireless broadband becomes more widely available in Malaysia. Not only will EMAGINE bring more entertainment options to existing high-speed broadband subscribers, but we believe it will drive the demand for high-speed, quality broadband much further as well”, he said.

EMAGINE Availability

EMAGINE currently sells online exclusively on www.lazada.com.my at RM399 with no contractual obligations, no additional subscription fees and comes with a 12 months warranty.

“By the end of the year, we will launch the EMAGINE flagship store and we are very excited about this. The store will reflect the EMAGINE brand and more importantly the EMAGINE experience, a friendly place where people can come, relax, learn about and experience the ‘kick–back and enjoy the best of the Internet from your couch’ experience”, concluded Chong.

Danny: By the way, Eumakh is an evolution and development by 2 dudes from Malaysia – Johnson Goh and Grey Ang. 😉

125GB Extra with P1’s 4G Broadband Plans

Petaling Jaya, 25 February 2013 – Malaysia and SEA’s 4G pioneer Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“P1”) today introduced new broadband plans that offer substantially more quota at an affordable price. The plan is designed to meet the Internet lifestyle demands of today’s consumers who require more and more bandwidth.

According to P1 CEO Michael Lai, bandwidth or usage quota for the Internet is like petrol for the car. The more you have, the further you can explore. He added, “A lot of people today surprised by their high bandwidth consumption and how much it’s costing them. Usage quota can deplete fast just from audio streaming, downloading of large files, or if you engage in peer-to-peer file sharing among others.”

He further added, “At P1, our home users consume an average usage of 17GB per month; this is a 70% increase from four and a half years ago when we first offered our services to Malaysians.  For nomadic users, average consumption was 6.3GB per month, and is on an increasing trend in view of the highly mobile lifestyle.”


As part of the new promotion, P1 is giving 25GB extra quota at 5GB per month in the first five months of subscription to the new ForHome™ (wireless fixed access plan for home use) and OnePlan™ (wireless fixed and mobile combo plan for home and on-the-go use) subscribers. And if subscribers trade in their old USB dongle, they will be given an additional 100GB!

Both plans offer fixed access speeds of up to 4Mbps, while the on-the-go broadband speed of the OnePlan™ is up to 1Mbps. The plans come with WiFi and voice enabled desktop modem for home use and a complementary phone with up to 200 free call minutes per month which users can make calls to local fixed and mobile numbers plus 10 popular IDD destinations.  With OnePlan™, subscribers will also be receiving a complimentary Personal 4G WiFi (MiFi) modem for outdoor use. Monthly subscription fee for the ForHome™ plan starts from as low as RM69 while the OnePlan™ starts from RM99. P1 is also offering subscribers a 7-day free trial at no obligation.

For young or top executives on-the-go, they can now enjoy the new ToGo™ plan that offers an extra usage quota of 25GB given automatically to subscribers at 5GB per month in the first five months of subscription, adding on to the already high quota of up to 10GB.  The plan sees optimum uncapped speeds, depending on the subscription.  It also comes with a free MF230 MiFi modem, or subscribers can opt for the new MX230 MiFi modem that connects up to 8 WiFi devices simultaneously.  With prices from as low as RM39 per month, fast and affordable connectivity is what P1 is all about.

“At P1, we understand customers want instant, fast and affordable broadband. We also believe in going the extra mile for our customers to ensure they get the best P1 experience,” said Michael Lai.

Voted as the Best Wireless Home Broadband at the 2012 GoMobile Awards, P1 currently has over half a million subscribers nationwide, and has extensive coverage in Peninsular and East Malaysia.

For more information on any of the plans please visit www.p1.com.my/hotdeals/.