Malaysia Wimax Licencees Have Until August

Just a quick update on the Malaysia Wimax scene right now and the announcement by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Senior Director for Technology and Standards Division, Mr. Zamani Zakariah to the four (4) Malaysia Wimax license holders:

All four mobile WiMAX operators have been given a deadline of until August next month to commercially launch the WiMAX service in Malaysia. Otherwise, there will be a penalty imposed on the operators if they fail to meet the deadline.

Zamani also hinted the Government might cancel the WiMAX license of operators if they failed to roll out the WiMAX service by the second deadline after paying the penalty. I sure hope it doesn’t happen otherwise we’re going to see you know who getting a license too. And, many of us don’t want THAT to happen.

He said this responding to questions asked after his presentation on the High Speed Broadband Project (HSBB) at the FTTH Council Asia Pacific Kuala Lumpur Conference & Exhibition 2008. A small note about the High Speed Broadband Project not many of us would be happy about:

Najib Tun Razak, Malaysia’s deputy prime minister, last week unveiled plans to embark on an ambitious initiative to roll out high-speed broadband services across the country. The government official also revealed that incumbent fixed-line carrier Telekom Malaysia (TM) has been awarded the broadband project.

Source: ZDNet UK, Malaysia unveils high-speed broadband project

I seriously don’t know if I should be happy for Fibre To The Home (FTTH) or be prepared for another wave of depression and frustration. 🙁

2 thoughts on “Malaysia Wimax Licencees Have Until August”

  1. As long as there is money to be made… you can be sure that the government crony would want a piece of the pie. Mini bus style.

    I’m not surprised.. should any of the major shareholders be government related.

    Heck, how do we know that Wimax doesn’t go through the Internet backbone of TMNut.

    I can only imagine that Wimax would seem fast now because of less people using it. I doubt it would be fast in the future due to the Mini-bus style of business run by our third world mentallity businessmen here.

    TMnet or Wimax.. seems the same to me. BTW, I’m still on dial-up. Haha, laugh. Just free wifi hotspot when I need a fast line.

  2. indeed, we could all be played as fools. However, we won’t be able to find out if these licensees are riding on the TM backbone.

    On the other hands, some dudes at Low Yat forum have checked and they’ve mentioned P1 is not riding on TMs backbone. Thanks goodness.

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