Advertlets Online Advertising Has Expired and Resigned

Updated: January 5, 2008 @ 9:56PM
Josh has replied in the comments and informed they are rectifying the domain name DNS issue. A temporary solution to access Advertlets has been included in the post. 🙂

Advertlets logoI’m a Nuffnang supporter for one. Therefore, I’d first like to shout, “Nuffnang has triumph!”. Ever since the Malaysia market was introduced to localized online advertising agencies like Nuffnang, the first competitor to rise up on the occasion was Advertlets. The company was founded by Josh Lim who also heads his own web design agency.

However, it seems to me Advertlets has thrown in the towel as their domain expired on January 3, 2008. From what I’ve observed, I believe it’s due to blogger payment problems, customer support and pressure from the constant new registration of bloggers for their program. It was unmanageable…so to say.

IAdvertlets expiredf you are an Advertlets supporter or publisher, you will want to take special note of this problem.

The expired or unused Advertlets advertising code snippet in your blog will redirect current visitors to another website. I was freaked out by this at first but noticed the website address;

In order to gain control of your blog again, remove the Advertlets advertising code snippet. And you’re done.

However, I feel really bad for the bloggers who sweat and spilled blood for Advertlets. Not to mention whoever supported them whole heartedly whenever there was a war between them and Nuffnang. Well, they say you can’t tell a book by its cover so a lesson learnt is a lesson gained.

I really hope Josh Lim will come out to officially address the closure of the company and its process. It’s the least he can do to make peace with those who supported Advertlets rather than have the whole Malaysia blogosphere turn against him.

So does Advertlets still owe you money?

Added: January 5, 2008 @ 9:56PM
Josh has provided a temporary solution to access Advertlets:

  1. Open up notepad (or your preferred text editing program)
  2. Open this file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (no file extension)
  3. Add this line in after other lines:

Note: This is ONLY a temporary fix so be sure to remove the update later.

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18 Replies to “Advertlets Online Advertising Has Expired and Resigned”

  1. jajaja…i remove the adverlets 2 weeks ago since i found that its system really quite laosy…and now i see the headline..omg..wat i can say is i feel glad coz i prefer nuffnang..haha

  2. Josh:
    Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m sure your answer will reassure the Advertlets bloggers now. Any exact date or duration when would it be back up again?

    Let’s not start a war here as well. I’m pretty sure they have a valid reason why they forgot to renew their domain.

  3. Thanks for the write-up Danny. I was freaked out too but not for too long, until I read this entry of yours.

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  5. Hmm… I wonder how many blogger publisher will Advertlets loss due to this incident. 😛
    Anyway, at least Advertlets loss me. I quit Advertlets since last month. Still pending to receive my only payment RM100 from Josh. Hope that I really get it this time. 😀
    Yeah… Nuffnang ROCK!!!

  6. Grace:
    You’re welcome and I’m pleased to know this helped you out. 🙂

    I suppose that makes us human. LOL! And thanks for the trackback.

    I’m earning more on Nuffnang but even more on Adsense. Nonetheless, I’ve no complaints as I welcome either support as long I don’t have to worry about hosting my domain name and hosting yearly. 😛

  7. Stupid Josh and Stupid Advertlets! Please don’t tell us you’re first day in internet domain world. I’m strongly agreed with Danny. I’m not even used Advetlets since day 1. Bye ! Bye Advertlets. Probably you can create a new domain name and continue your business. No way to edit a host file! Are you crazy.

  8. Planet Lowyat:
    I appreciate your mindful comment towards Advertlets. However, do note I never said I wasn’t an Advertlets member as I am – just not a supporter. But like the many others in the blogosphere, the question of how a domain renewal mistake like this came about is still a mystery.

  9. Im not an advertlets user… but looking at their whois info, i realised that their domain should expired on year 2010… taht’s weird…

  10. Hi Danny,

    Yeah we were very pissed when we tried to access our own blog, but then kept getting redirected to some foreign website. That’s REALLY annoying. But since the website was “” it gave us a clue that the problem lies with our Advertlets ads – so we promptly removed the ad codes.

    I have not put back the ads yet…wait till things stabilize.

    I guess mistakes do happen. Thanks Josh for posting up info on what happened. Will continue with Advertlets simply because we earn more compared to Nuffnang.

    Also, Advertlets ads are pretty nice and attracts users to click on it.
    This is from personal experience.


  11. Hey Orchid, nice of your to drop in. I’ve always loved your Malaysia Korean blog. 🙂

    And thanks for opening up your actions on how the k-popped team are handling the Advertlets issue. Keep the great content coming!

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