Is Javascript a Website Designer Career Requirement?

They say times are changing. And it’s not only the fuel, even career requirements for website designers might see a different demand. Malaysia has an ample resource of Malaysia website designers ranging from students, hobbyists and companies. Lately I read an article titled;
How Good Are You at JavaScript and CSS? I’ve seen someone in UK mentioning this and they too said Javascript was one of the website designer’s requirement.

I’ve written on how to become a creative designer and was asked if drawing skills were a website designer’s requirements but it looks like times are changing. It’s as though Javascript is soon to become one of the requirements for a website designer.

To be honest, I can’t make logic out of programming by myself. The XHTML and CSS knowledge is still alright but the moment we talk about selectors and other gibberish I’ll start spacing out. As for Javascript, I used to get the free scripts and edit from there. I managed to pick up an understanding of it by little ounces but I’m not a creator, that’s for sure.

So is Javascript a requirement in a website designer’s career?

I’d believe it’s good to be able to write it from scratch. But it’s not a necessity. It may sound bias coming from me as a website designer but as the Executive Director of Simpleet Solutions, I’ll also be hiring hands later. Therefore, if someone applies as a website designer I’ve more important requirements I’d be looking at compared to testing his level of Javascript knowledge.

There are plenty of Javascript frameworks to reference and there’s no harm picking up a Javascript book to read up.

However, in your opinion is Javascript (creation and knowledge) a Malaysia website designer’s requirement?

11 thoughts on “Is Javascript a Website Designer Career Requirement?”

  1. i am no designer…but i think knowing how to use a javascript is pretty easy …as long as there is good notes on the command. i guess there is no harm knowing this

    but coding a javascript from scratch should not be a designer job…it is the programmer job

  2. If it’s about adding effects, animation and stuff, its a requirement for a designer. But if its about writing complex stuff like form validation or WYSIWYG editor, then it’s not, in my opinion.

  3. IMO, there should be a new job title that handles this front end coding job scope. The designers should focus their time and attention purely on design (ps , ai , etc.. ) while the “Front end programmer” takes care the job of converting that design into CSS and handles the AJAX stuff (javascript, DOM etc). This creates a better specialization of talents and skillsets.

  4. Rice Blogger:
    Keep on practicing it and you’ll be able to do it like how easy we think XHTML / CSS really is. 🙂

    Chee Aun:
    I believe frameworks will definitely lend a hand there.

    A great comment indeed and that’s great because it opens up a new job scope for a person. Unless they want to do everything. 😛

  5. So far, I only see 1 guy who can create javascript. My friend from He is good in every aspect.

    Web Designer who can do good design and CSS/html is already good enough. javascript is just a plus for them. Which means they need to know but not able to create. Keep in mind that if we go to learn something new while we can’t master the current skills. Then we will no go far.

    It just like our Education system. We learn everything and we can’t even answer what is our strength during the interview after grad. Because we only know basic of it. Not dare to say we really know it!

    Just my thought.

  6. Just found your blog through a search for the 3G Iphone. Nice to meet a fellow Malaysian online with a similar name 😉

  7. kailoon:
    Wow, didn’t know he runs SavvyUI. I stumbled on it not long ago and wondered who was running it. 🙂

    Danny Choo:
    Danny derives from Daniel which is a common name. But I’d be worried about your website at the moment cause it’s down. 🙁

  8. Web Designer who can do good design and CSS/html is already good enough. java script is just a plus for them,but coding a java script from scratch should not be a designer job,it is the programmer job.It just like our Education system.

  9. There isn’t one in particular because it’s not a 1-size fits all business. Plus, with every business comes a need to defines yourself from competitors. I believe that is what’s important in our line of work and not only simply:

    1. Showing my grandest portfolio.

    2. Bragging my high-profile clients.

    With Web Standards, there are new approaches of winning a client. 🙂

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