PC Fair III 2008 Ambassadors Part 2

This is the 2nd part of the PC Fair III 2008 Ambassadors photos I published previously. These are the selected photos out of the 90+ photos I took while at PC Fair III 2008. Enjoy! 🙂

PDA booth babe

PDA Arena booth babe

Bluetooth booth babes

Kingston booth babe

Kingston booth babes

Kingston booth babe

Some of the pictures below here may not only be booth babes but it was one of the highlights in the fair. A number of visitors stood still in front of the P1 booth because of the cash for grabs event. And when I asked, they mentioned someone who managed to walkaway with upto RM1000. I wonder what kungfu did the person use as the plain pieces of paper in the chamber were flying vigorously.

P1 Wimax booth babe

The photo above is the best candid shot I’ve taken in comparison to my PC Fair visits in KLCC. We need more of these shots from PC Fair. 😉

P1 Wimax booth babe

P1 money chamber

P1 Wimax booth

P1 clown

I almost forgot to mention, the clown depicted above looks armed and dangerous. For those who visited the fair, you’ll remember him screaming at the top of his voice “P1 Wimaxxxxxxx…”. LOL!

P1 Wimax subcriber

P1 Wimax money chamber

This cute little girl below was shot by Aaron. He was awestruck by my 50mm f1.8 lense and couldn’t stop playing with it. But needless to say, this photo was a very good candid too. Awesome work, Aaron.

Cute little girl by Aaron

And again, I’ve put up the photos above for download: [download#6]

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  1. i like this gal or gal in the 4th picture…may not be the best looking but her body frame is wat i like to see wearing a cheong sam 😛

    i wonder if i can get her for my cny studio shot *hmm*

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