Celcom Xpax Blackberry Party

I’ve never been known to party so thought it’s time to socialize out of the Internet world since I last puked by the road. So I won invites from Nuffnang after doing the simple slogan “I want a Blackberry Curve from Xpax because…” last Friday or the weekend.

One of the underlying reasons I wanted to join the party was also because I wanted to win a Blackberry Curve phone. Not for myself (Apple iPhone user here) but for my girlfriend; Ariel, who’s been meditating to the name Blackberry.

The Xpax Blackberry (XBerry) party was held at The Republic, Sunway Pyramid. We arrived at the Xpax Blackberry (XBerry) party all dressed up. Dawning a vest, I expected an indoor event where there was air-conditioning. Unfortunately, performances by Sean, Joe Flizzow, Arabyrd, DJ Lap Sap and DJ Tag were at an outdoor stage.


Emcee Sazzy Falak

Beat boxer Sean



DJ Lap Sap


Nonetheless, I’m pleased with this event because I walked away with some great photos of the performances and ladies. Yup, I captured some lovely women bloggers at the event. Some which are known to the Malaysia blogosphere like; Ringo and Tzia. And of course, male bloggers like Saimatkong, Thomas, Bryan and Dustyhawk (Serge).



cheesie and thomas


group photo

There was another familiar blogger and winner of the 1st Malaysian Dreamgirls; Cindy. I managed to grab a shot or two of her with Ringo before leaving.


The party I would’ve to say was a good awareness campaign organized by Celcom Xpax. Besides the thumping bass, performance by local artistes, blogger friends and lovely promoters, I could see throngs of customers enquiring or purchasing the Blackberry Curve.

Well, I do hope Nuffnang does give me Ariel a Blackberry Curve 8520 later. Then I wouldn’t have to start writing a Blackberry mantra on her behalf. 😛 Oh, and of course, so she’d blog more become as famous as Ringo, then buy me a Blackberry Curve too. 😀

Here’s a final montage of the event made by some of the other 100+ photos taken during the event.

celcom xpax blackberry party montage

By the way, I’m letting the cat out of the bag by officially announcing 2 new blogs which I’m looking forward to launch very soon. My photoblog; Cameranoob, and my personal blog; Name to be announced.

So I hope to party with more Nuffies and bloggers soon too. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Celcom Xpax Blackberry Party”

  1. @smashpop:
    That’s why Nuffang’s gotta give me/Ariel one first right? 😛

    berry berry berry…very berry.

    Haven’t met you before dude. Nevermind, many more Nuffnang parties to come. 😉

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  4. @saimatkong: I jealous of you. 😛

    @aaron: Coz I’m a noob behind the camera. Though I make them; simply beautiful.

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