Maxis Support for Apple iPhone in Malaysia

Telephone pollsBefore I first took my Apple iPhone in Malaysia for a spin, I already read about it’s compatibility issue of my telco provider; Maxis. The Maxis compatibility issue is it disapproves any incoming calls when my Maxis simcard is inserted in my Apple iPhone. I also experienced this first hand on the first day I got my Apple iPhone because a client of mine tried calling me. Oops! But he’s forgotten about it ever since I showed him the device. *grin*

And ever since I started blogging about the Apple iPhone in Malaysia, many potential buyers and owners have expressed their distressed over Maxis incompatibility with the Apple iPhone. There was a blogger who mentioned he wrote to the Maxis support. All the support could do was reply the Maxis network doesn’t support the Apple iPhone in Malaysia at this point of time. It’s just sad I tell you. Especially when DiGi and Celcom networks have no related issues. On the other hand, good news seems to be in certain areas now.

Based on what I’ve been reading at the Low Yat iPhone Club, members are reporting Maxis (Malaysia) support for incoming calls in certain areas. The mentioned areas so far are:

  • Subang
  • Sunway
  • ARA Damansara
  • Saujana Subang
  • Kelana Jaya (certain areas)
  • Damansara Heights
  • SS2, PJ
  • Bangsar KL
  • Section 14, PJ
  • Damansara Perdana
  • Taman Tun Dr.Ismail
  • Mutiara Damansara (Ikea)
  • Bandar Utama (Centrepoint)
  • PJ 222/223 Area
  • Section 16, PJ near Phileo Damansara area

One commenter; Isaac, was informed to upgrade to Maxis 3G for his Apple iPhone to work with Maxis in Malaysia. It is NOT necessary to upgrade to Maxis 3G in order for your Apple iPhone to work in Malaysia. Proof is a fellow Low Yat member on a normal 128k Maxis sim card is receiving incoming calls at the moment.

I have to say Maxis (Malaysia) is not fully supported around the area of Kelana Jaya. I just swapped the sim card and asked a friend to call me. He said he couldn’t get through. Therefore, the entire area of Kelana Jaya is not supported.

Certain forum members reaching Sabah has also tried but failed to receive any Maxis incoming calls. Based on the list given, you should assume the entire area of the above mentioned isn’t fully supported. In other words, it may only be a small radius of the huge Maxis (Malaysia) network.

Well, at least this gives a breather to all Maxis (Malaysia) users – like myself; they are doing something about it. Let’s all hope they’ll get this done by year end so all Apple iPhone users in Malaysia can start 2008 with a bang.

I’ll write a follow-up article on the Maxis Malaysia support for Apple iPhone in Malaysia once my area is finally supported. Until then, have you seen how sharp is the Apple iPhone built-in camera?

Simple question: Is it working in your area? And where?

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34 Replies to “Maxis Support for Apple iPhone in Malaysia”

  1. Veron:
    I’m surprised you weren’t drooling all over Bie’s phone yet. 😛

    Anyway, as you said it’s a WANT but not a NEED. Just that it is so friendly and great it becomes your WANT after awhile. 😉

    And I can see it was unlocked using anySIM. *grin*

  2. I’ve been thinking of buying either a giorgio armani samsung or a iPhone,i really like both but i’m afraid that the iPhone would not work aroung my area,pls reply soon,i stay near Damansara Indah.

  3. There shouldn’t be any problem with the connection in Damansara Indah, Joy.

    Maxis already rolled out national coverage quite awhile ago. If there are still areas not covered, it would mean Maxis was lying. You are on Maxis, right?

    Anyway, my vote is the iPhone if you really want to make a fashion statement. The Armani phone doesn’t look all that sexy. 😛 And it doesn’t support 3G!

  4. hye danny,

    i’m thinking of getting an iPhone too but it makes me skeptical considering the problem on the network etc. in your blog u mentioned that maxis is still working on the prob…how about digi and celcom? are they working fine even in tawau, sabah? thanx danny 🙂

  5. Dear Jamiey,

    If you take a closer look at the date of Danny’s post regarding the Maxis issues, it dates back a good 4 months ago in mid-November last year. Having said that, please be reassured that the iPhone’s cellular network issues here in Malaysia, with Maxis in particular, have already matured and settled in very well.

    First, the initial problems concerning the iPhone’s cellular radio transmissions to Maxis’ local cell towers are no longer existent. Being a Maxis user myself, I can still remember clearly, November the 27th as the faithful date Maxis officially declared its doors open to the iPhone… Well, it wasn’t THAT sentimental 😛 But it did mark the day when a good number of us seasoned Maxis users could finally pop out and be rid of the DiGi prepaid SIM which had plagued our iPhones for months. Ever since then, more and more iPhone users nationwide have been reporting in their various areas to confirm Maxis call-in functionality. Some earlier reports of several rural regions still having minor problems with their lines were clarified by Maxis technicians as ‘still undergoing testing stages’. But anyhow, it has been 4 months since then, and as of today it is already VERY safe to say now that Maxis is 100% functional on the iPhone, wheras there have even been testimonials from iPhone users involving East Malaysian lines receiving much better performances from their lines than when compared to the Peninsular. You can most definitely get your iPhone now without that on your mind. 🙂

    As for your second inquiry, there have also been a minority of isolated reports with incidents involving older 64K SIM cards being unable to receive optimum connection strengths on the iPhone. This problem, however, is a simple matter to resolve, which is by replacing the SIM with your service provider. If you’re curious, I’ve only read of less than 8 such incidents in local tech forums thus far, so it’s not something to worry about, just something to note. Hopefully that answers your questions, and puts your worries and concerns to rest. Thanks for the inquiry. Good luck!

  6. Right,..Maxis can be arrogant sometimes and that’s bad for business..they listen but they don’t act…

  7. If you look up on Jeff Ooi’s recent blog he mentioned about Penang being the territory for Celcom. I think these telcos are doing the right thing and a much better job as oppose to Maxis..

    Sorry that I have to be so blunt Maxis but results do count.

  8. Do I need to swap to another SIM card? Cos using my old Hotlink SIM card, which I haven’t upgraded since I got it which was eons ago. Do I need to upgrade?

  9. Jos, Timothy mentioned above there are a minority of reports which is connected to the outdated sim card. However, it’s like a last resort to get it upgraded.

    However, I’d might as well upgrade it since it’s been just too long. 🙂

  10. Jeremy, there should a number of Penang users with an iPhone. I recall when it first arrived everyone was asking if Penang or Georgetown has support. Anyway, it does. 🙂

  11. Is my iphone can use for the other communication e.g. celcom or digi if so it is worthit for me to get one.

  12. Yes and yes Hassan. The iPhone can be used in most states and our carriers in Malaysia. I believe it was because it was here much earlier and with too many complaints from people who had it, so they had to calibrate their towers to it. 😛

  13. Danny are you there what i like to tell you that last monday i’ve purchased an iphone from maxis as i’m penang guy so i’ve done my booking from the first day i heard that this beautiful lady is coming to town ooh what a long wait coz to your knowledge i’m warming up my car to go down to singapore and buy one and maybe i’m the lucky guy i get it to know from the internet coz every morning i use to view what is happening in the world especially in our country MALAYSIA. K we cut short WHAT A PITY TO ME MY IPHONE CANNOT BE CHARGE ON THE FIRST DAY I TAKE HOME OOOOOOO I’M really FRUSTRATED as you know and i too know how is our feeling when this beautiful lady is in our hand i think god only knows luckilly to me last year i’ve bought an ipod to my son as a birthday present and this safe my day coz the charger of my son ipod is the same as our iphone charger seems now i’m away from penang i’ve to take along my son ipod charger so that this could litter bit cure my pain anyway danny i hope this problem would not happen to you and maybe god knows that i’m a very patient guy so see you again and jaga iphone tu lebih dari bini ciao…………………………………….!

  14. You bought from an unofficial reseller in Penang or Singapore, Hassan? Also, why didn’t you take it back or inform them their charger was faulty when you purchased it?

    Anyway, always best to test the goods especially if it’s from an unofficial source. Or, at least have their contact information.

  15. Ok Danny i bought it from maxis penang centre the first day that is last monday 23rd where i saw everybody was so happy with their iphone and today everything have been solve they test the charger and found faulty and they have get me a new one. K Danny if you are staying in penang tomorrow maxis invite everybody at their iphone demo at GURNEY PLAZA k ciao………………………………..!

  16. If so Danny this mean that this iphone is useless maybe there is something gone wrong somewhere never mind i wait and see what’s happening here tonight in penang……………………………………………..sawadeee………………………..!

  17. Danny i just came back like what you said not even quiet but even the maxis promoter face also you see you get fed up. I ask them a question but they look at me one kind it’s better for maxis not to invite their customer in future WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY i’ll really regret and i’ll tell my son, daughter, friends and everybody not to support MAXIS anymore but everyday when i passed by the maxis store i heard their promoter said ” BANG TUKAR LAH KEPADA MAXIS ” macam ni bagi free pun aku tak mau la………………………………………………………………………………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Yeah reporter tak ada gaji ok kan………………………………………….sawadee…….!!!!!!!!

  19. i bought an iphone at maxis bukit tinngi klang on 23rd march 2009
    and to day it is dead, not working, no calls , cannot use , dont know waht to dotoday sunday maxis centre not open
    no hand phone
    Anyone can tell me what to do
    can not throw into to klnag river too expensive

  20. John, the one thing you can do is try restoring the iPhone. 🙂

    When you launch iTunes, you’ll notice a Restore / Update when your phone starts to sync with iTunes.

    Restoring wipes the iPhone but it’ll also include your data backup from the last time you synced your phone. Sadly, all new data included before the last sync may not be in it later.

  21. John that day danny told me that i bought my iphone from an unofficial reseller so now what is happening to your iphone shows that this iphone is really useless. I’ve being using my iphone for 3 weeks everybody seems like to have one for them but i don’t recommended it to them i told them this iphone looks beautiful but has no quality. I told them there is so many problem even though myself also want to throw it away into SUNGAI PINANG the famous river in PENANG but we can still give this iphone another chance not b’coz it’s expensive to us, money dosen’t matter to me coz my son h/phone is even more expensive than our iphone when i bought to him 2 years ago but until today i never see any problem. Myself also feel so frustrated like how you feel but to me seems this little girl is too early for us so why don’t we give her a second chance like i mentioned just now. John if there is still no improvement in future i suggest we……………………………………………..? ok ciao……………sawadee!

  22. I don’t know about you, Hassan. But mine hasn’t been giving me much problems. Only the dreaded unplug headphone and still being in headphones mode. 😛

  23. Danny you bought it from oversee and i believe yours is original product like ours everything can happen so everybody understand what i’m going to said……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..never mind let’s give this little girl a chance like what i’ve mentioned before anyway WE WAIT AND SEE…………………………………………………….!

  24. Hi John what has happen to you still frustrated with your iphone have you throw it away at the klang river i hope not coz remember what i’ve said GIVE THIS LITTLE BABY A SECOND CHANCE everybody in this world is not perfect so take your iphone and start doing something k see u again ciao.

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