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Updated: July 15, 2010

The CEO; Dennis Lee, stopped by in the comments and said all readers here can use the invitation code: 3716

Have fun! Maaduu, fighting!

Caught news from the little bird at K-popped that there’s a new website focused on Korean dramas. I’m still trying to figure out why they called it; Maaduu. Anyone knows if it means anything in Korean?

Free Video Streaming of Korean Dramas

The website is owned by the company; PlayTV Asia Sdn Bhd. Google couldn’t dig up information about them and I’m guessing they’ve not built their own website yet. So far, this is the only Malaysian website I’ve heard offering free streaming of Korean dramas.

homepage screenshot

Maaduu website

The website is built-on Flash but thanks to its minimalist approach, it loads decently quick.

Supported and monetized by advertisements

Before each Korean drama preview is loaded, there’ll be an advertisement in front of it. I suppose it’s a fair trade since you get upto 60 minutes of viewing. 🙂

video advertisement

Preview ad

The preview ad was a brand for lady’s sanitary pads. Plus, I don’t believe this ad was aired on the TV. Which made me wonder, will we see more creative video ads from this website? Or, does the content still have to be approved by the Malaysian advertisers board. Well, I hope not.

Good video quality with accurate subtitles

The crappiest thing which could happen to a drama or movie you got is the inaccurate subtitles. Ones which have been directly translated by a robot. Ones which phrase this, “Brother, she no love for you longer.” What the hell is that?!

video translation

No I love you long times

Thank goodness this wasn’t the case. 😛

Beta testing is still ongoing

Based on the signup form, it looks to me the website is still in its prototype. There’s a field to fill in your invitation code which I’ve no idea how d’you request for one. I remember Gmail did something like this but the evolution of this mechanism is now email data mining. They ask for your name and email if you’d like to beta test this new service.

signup form

Quite a number of fields

Well, I’m really liking the whole Maaduu idea and hopefully, someone from PlayTV would contact me to pass along an invitation code. In addition, I want to know what’s the difference between logging in and more details on how this service will continue.

Keeping the Malaysian Korean drama fans tight

Besides the viewing experience, PlayTV has incorporate community tools like comments, rating and sharing. Good move, since a number of fans may debate on their favorite characters being removed from their favorite series. LOL!

review section

Share your thoughts

And yes, it’s still monetized by ads. Maybe the PlayTV team could’ve made the ads here less intrusive. An eyeblaster concept perhaps?

Nonetheless, I applaud the bold move by the company to setup a service such as this. I’ll not be surprised if it does become a paid subscription service. Just like what became of Naruto and Bleach at Crunchroll.

Will the subscription cost around USD 59.95 (RM 191.50) annually like Crunchyroll? Or, more? Or, less?


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4 Responses to “Maaduu Malaysia Korean Drama Website”

  1. Response #1 by Dennis Lee on July 15th, 2010

    hi danny,

    thanks for the wonderful article on “maaduu” ;-D

    FYI, “maaduu” is a stylised representation of “madu” (honey) for our Branding purposes.

    its 2 syllable, easy to pronounce (regardless of ethnic background), and “sweet”, trusting that viewers will be attracted “like bees to honey” and enjoy maaduu continually..

    also, you may like to know that “maaduu” is founded on the premise that “Premium Content” can be Free and Legal at the same time. Therefore it would be an injustice if we do charge later; that would be contrary to our beliefs.

    that said, content owners/actors/actresses need to be paid so that they can continue to produce premium content for our enjoyment (we are viewers too).

    simple solution? Ad supported “maaduu” is 100% Free, always!

    the more viewers we have, the better content we’ll get! so, continue to spread the “love”. thanks dude ;-D

    dennis lee
    c/o team maaduu

    PlayTV Asia Sdn Bhd.

  2. Response #2 by Dennis Lee on July 15th, 2010

    oops! btw dude, here’s the INVITE Code: 3716

    you can share the code with everyone you know ;-D

    post as many reviews, we’d like to hear from everyone.

    thanks again,

    team maaduu

    p.s. you’ll need to signup / login to view entire / unlimited episodes on-demand, or write reviews. (visitors get to preview Ep.1 only)

  3. Response #3 by dannyfoo on July 15th, 2010

    Excellent hearing from the owner himself. And many thanks for filling in the details I was missing. I’ll make sure everyone finds the invitation code. 🙂

    p.s.: I’ll probably contact you personally in a bit. 😉

  4. Response #4 by betty on September 1st, 2013

    tried . to sign in but cant.Fill in the given form and submit but they ask for name,but no place I can fill in my name?

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