Google's Recommendation for Promoting Your Website

google logoGoogle loves to share and assist every one of their users without any monetary reward in return. And these points on ways to promote your website, is one of them.

Start a Blog
Blog marketing or corporate blogging is one the many methods to keep search engines like Google hungry for your website. It loves to chew up new content. Therefore, it’s a great way to share information on your new products or services.

Don’t forget about Offline promotion
No doubt an online only campaign can be successful. But the impact and reach I’d say is doubled (and nearly assured) whenever we run a concurrent offline promotion of your website. At least, it’ll tell potential customers you have a presence online.

Experiment with Social Media
Social media is online sharing tools (or Web 2.0 tools) you can use freely to promote your website. One such example now is Facebook. Or, for the people looking for jobs I’d recommend LinkedIn. There’s a variety of social media tools available now.

Use Google’s Local Business Center
Sadly, the nearest available location to apply this is Singapore. Though I can’t wait for Google to implement this for Malaysia.

Collaborate for the Future
I won’t be surprised to see more companies working with each other than against. The Internet industry is creating new areas for work and expertise. Even now, I believe not one person is Jack of all traits and specialized in none.

There you have it. Simple and experimental activities for you to think about in your next website marketing campaign. And before I forget, remember the website is for the users and not yourself. 🙂


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