When Is a Blog a Blog?

websites made simple blogAt first it was, a blog is a personal journal or space for anyone driven by writing to release their tension or thoughts to the world. But today, because blog publishing engines are crossing the gap between a blog publishing engine and a Content Management System (CMS) by itself…where do we draw the line?

While both are publishing engines per se, CMS are built to be flexible and expandable to do more than publishing. It’s about being able to manage more than webpages. It’s about being able to fit the kitchen sink inside the fridge and the fridge inside your website space. That is the number one reason why many systems become over cluttered in the end but I’ll save that for another time.
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RSS Not End-User Friendly

If you’re a blogger or Internet-savvy user, you might have heard of RSS or better known as Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. Site summary does give a clue on its own but coupling that with the word Rich in front, it’s a whole new jargon in the IT world.

So what exactly is Rich Site Summary about? Well, if you ask any technical person or blogger, they might mention more jargon like XML and how it’s a technology used to pull headlines and other content on the Internet.

In layman, RSS is the ability to access or keep track of vast amounts of content easily.
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