Donate To A Beard For Charity

I was contemplating between the headline you see above and this one; Online Marketing Should Be Fun. However, I decided not to beat around the bush (pun unintended) and just share it as it is. đŸ™‚

Meet Eamon Daly of Things My Beard Can Lift. He’s a bearded guy out there in US doing an uplifting charity event to help Off The Street Club (OTSC) raise donations. The OTSC is a place for neighbourhood kids to be more involved in communal activities so they get to trade in the violence and drugs for something more interactive with other kids.

Without further due, here’s the bearded men himself lifting a giant steel mixing bowl and 2 paddles approximately 40 pounds (18.2kg) in weight.

Indeed to the bearded people, this isn’t a relaxing experience. But it’s surely got the power to lift the human spirit.

Keep it up, Eamon! And the charity stint has already raised$4,174.00 at the time of publishing this post. His next challenge will be to lift 41 pounds (18.6kg). Cheer him on at Things My Beard Can Lift.

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